Fulton Science Academy Top 10 High School Inventor

Former Fulton Science Academy Middle School student Raja Selvakumar is recognized as one of the “Top 10 High School Inventor in the Nation” by Popular Science Magazine.
In his project, “The Implementation of a Gastro Microbial Fuel Cell in Capsular Nanorobotics,” Raja developed the Gastro Microbial Fuel Cell (GMFC). Based on the microbial fuel cell, the GMFC generates electricity using gastrobacteria, to be used to power capsular nanobots. Current lithium ion batteries in biomedical capsular nanobots are not able to sustain power for long periods of time; the GMFC has the potential to solve this problem. The GMFC-powered capsular nanobot can play an important role in treating gastrointestinal diseases through intracellular diagnosis and surgery. 
Please also check following link to see a short biography of Raja and his achievements: 

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