Fulton Science Academy Town Hall Debate


We are currently studying the various events leading up to the American Revolution in order to understand why the Revolutionary War was such an important war in our nation’s history, and in order to fully understand the impact it had on the development of our nation. We have been studying the reasons for the anger of the colonists leading up to the war, as well as analyzing the reasons the British Crown had for continuously taxing and imposing acts of legislation on the 13 colonies.  For the debate, students drew from a cup to receive their debate position.  They either represented the Colonists or the British Crown.  The topic of the debate was “Are the colonists justified in breaking the law by protesting and boycotting British laws and taxes?”  Students did a great job of researching, presenting their arguments, and refuting counter-arguments!  It was a fun day of debating “No Taxation Without Representation!” in Mrs. Bragg’s classes!

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