Fulton Science Academy THANK YOU Letters to Our Troops


It is always great to see people come together as a community and remember to be thankful. In this season of Thanksgiving, our school took part in the local radio station’s cause- The Bert Show’s Big Thank You.

“Every single soldier stationed or deployed outside the United States deserves to receive a letter of gratitude on Thanksgiving Day. We want to give our troops a “Big Thank You” with a little taste of home this Thanksgiving.”- The Bert Show. 
This program began in 2007 with 375,000 letters sent!! Last year 405,000 letters were sent! Hopefully this year, we top both of those numbers! 

Our students did a wonderful job writing these letters and we are very proud of them. Some wonderful and meaningful quotes from the letters are below: 

” I appreciate what you do and I know it would be hard for me to have to be away from my family. Thank you.”

” Thank you for protecting us and I will think of you during Thanksgiving.” 

Students did a wonderful job writing heartfelt letters and we hope to continue to do this year after year. 

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