Fulton Science Academy Math Olympiad Team Won 3rd Place

FSA Math Olympiad Team started very well to this season. Our students won third place as a team in division 6 – 8 CCGPS at 4th Annual  South Forsyth High School War Eagle Middle School Math Tournament. This division is for students who are enrolled in a course for either the 6th, 7th, or 8th grade CCGPS, or who are in a traditional math curriculum and are enrolled in a middle school math course or Algebra 1.

Our Math Olympiad Team members including Vikram Kasani , Mira Mutnick, Ananya Terala and Omar Kayyali got 3rd place in team round leaving many other schools behind. Aditionally, 7th Grader, Hasan Unal won 10th place and 6th grader, Mira Mutnick won 18th place individually.

Congratulations to all these students, their parents and our coaches Mr. Tuzen and Mr. Seker for the wonderful job! 

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