Dance FX Instructor Visited Fulton Science Academy Physical Education Class

Tuesday, Hip Hop music could be heard flowing from the gym as the Middle School students had a Dance Work out, courtesy of Xavier. He talked to the students just prior to the work out…”how many of you are Dancers? Ok, not too many and that is alright. What I want from you today is to try your best, I want effort and for you to step out of your comfort zone.” He continued to encourage and praise the students for their efforts throughout the day. “He’s a great teacher,” Mrs Teeling said of her guest instructor, “He connected with the kids and really got them interested and involved. Many of the students took information and wanted to know when HE was going to be teaching the classes offered.” Mrs. Teeling heard all kinds of positive comments from the students and was thrilled at how well it was received. “That dance instructor was AWESOME!” said a shy 7th grade boy to Mrs. Teeling Wednesday morning. “That whole thing was great and really fun,” he continued. “That pretty Much sums it up.” Mrs. Teeling said, “Check out the pictures…you can see the students are really getting into the class. I am so greatful for Ashley over at Dance FX for sending Xavier. Definately a Win all around!”

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