BIOBUS Visited Fulton Science Academy


Fulton Science Academy Private SchoolOn Wednesday, November 14, 7th grade science students enjoyed a visit from the BIO-BUS program from the Department of Biology, Georgia State University. 

Biotechnology: Forensics was the lesson presented. Presenters discussed techniques that forensic scientists use today to solve crimes. Students participated in solving a crime while learning about fingerprinting and blood typing.

We discussed how and why fingerprints are formed and what makes them unique to each human being, common fingerprint patterns, and ways fingerprints are retrieved from a crime scene. Students had the opportunity to create their own fingerprints and to use fingerprints to help solve the crime.

Fulton Science Academy Private School

Students also learned about the four blood groups and the antigen-antibody differences among them while performing a blood coagulation test (on simulated blood) to narrow down the suspects.

Georgia State University’s Bio-Bus is a mobile laboratory that travels to Georgia schools and presents hands-on, inquiry-based activities designed to get K-12 students enthusiastic about science.Visits are staffed by “Bio-Bus Fellows,” graduate students and undergraduates who enjoy sharing their love of science with younger learners. Since its inception in 1999, the Bio-Bus program has made over 2000 visits to schools in 31 Georgia counties, and in the process has presented exciting science experiences to more than 250,000 students.Our goal is not only to educate, but also to show students that science can be intriguing, interesting and, most of all, FUN.

For detailed information about  this wonderful program, please visit

Fulton Science Academy Private School

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