Fulton Science Academy Interactive Study on Election Day


Mrs. Bragg’s Georgia Studies classes participated in an interactive study on election day!  Students have been following election coverage since the beginning of the school year.  On election day, Mrs. Bragg allowed students to participate in a mock election in which the ballot did not feature candidate names, but it featured important issues.  Mrs. Bragg has been teaching students the importance of voting, and the importance of being INFORMED voters.   Students voted for Candidate A and Candidate B on this ballot, and they voted by checking the box for each ISSUE they agreed with.  At the end, they either had a majority for Candidate A or a majority for Candidate B. 5th period elected Barack Obama and 6th period elected Mitt Romney. In addition to the mock election, students then were given a swing state to research.  They researched their state, several trends, past election results, and other factors impacting their swing state.  They used their iPads, and an interactive map to complete this activity, and then each state’s representatives put a blue or red sticky note on our class map predicting the way their state would swing later in the evening when the results came in.  As it turns out, they did a pretty good job, and they only missed a few states!  Now our 8th graders can understand why swing states are so important, as well as the importance of being informed voters!

Fulton Science Academy Private School

Fulton Science Academy Private School

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