Fulton Science Academy Gifted Program

The gifted program at Fulton Science Academy Private School is designed to challenge and meet the needs of our advanced and creative student body.  Gifted classes are available to both elementary and middle grade students, with a curriculum designed to foster the growth of students both intellectually and socially.  In recognizing each student’s specific skills, interests, and needs, the faculty of FSAPS strives to guide these students towards recognizing their full potential.
Students that come to FSAPS and are currently enrolled in an equivalent gifted program will be placed into the appropriate gifted classes upon enrollment.
All students will be screened for the FSAPS gifted program in October following the first quarter report card.   Utilizing the nationally normed Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) and/or IOWA Test of Basic Skills (ITBS) tests, students that score in the 90th percentile in reading, language arts, mathematics, science, or social studies will be further tested for gifted eligibility provided they have an average of or above 90% in the corresponding course(s).
If a student meets the initial eligibility criteria, they will be given the Cognitive Abilities (CogAT) Test, a nationally normed exam determining a student’s mental ability.  If a student scores in or above the 96th percentile they will be placed in the gifted program and scheduled for gifted classes according to their performance in each subject area.  If a student does not meet the previous criteria, another test, the Torrance Tests of Creative Thinking (TTCT), will be administered gauging a student’s creative ability.  Upon receiving a score in or above the 90th percentile, percentile they will be placed in the gifted program and scheduled for gifted classes according to their performance in each subject area.
Students enrolled in the gifted program will be enrolled in gifted courses according to their performance in each subject area as determined by their average in each advanced level course as well as their grade on the relevant portion of the MAP test and/or ITBS test.  This corresponds to language arts and reading, social studies, mathematics and science.  
All students are required to participate in at least one competitive extra-curricular activity offered by the school.  These include Science Olympiad, Model United Nations, Tech Fair, Math Team, and Competitive Chess.  In addition, students in gifted science class must participate in the annual Science Fair while students in gifted social studies class must participate in the annual Social Studies Fair.  Failure to comply with these guidelines will result in dismissal from the FSAPS gifted program.
Student averages and periodic MAP test scores will be reviewed at the end of each quarter when report cards are given in order to determine continued eligibility for the gifted program.  Students must maintain an average of 90 or above in their gifted classes as well as score in the 90th percentile in the periodic MAP tests and/or annual ITBS test to remain eligible for gifted classes.  Students on academic probation are given one quarter to improve their grade and if they do not, then they are removed from the gifted class. This can result in dismissal from the gifted program, after which a single semester is required before the student becomes re-eligible to return.
To be eligible for the FSAPS gifted program, students must have and maintain:
  • MAP and/or ITBS Testings ≥ 90th percentile
  • Average in advanced class ≥ 90%
AND have one of the following
  • CogAT score ≥ 96th percentile in verbal, non-verbal, quantitative, or composite score
  • TTCT score ≥ 90th percentile
For more information and questions about gifted program, please contact FSA Gifted Coordinator, Mr. Stiffler at cstiffler@fultonscienceacademy.org

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