Physical Education Class Had a Blast with Coach Teeling

NASA Soccer Coach, Phillip Teeling was the guest teacher in PE class.  Students dribbled and knocked down targets, they also played keep away while working on ball skills. The students had several competitions using the drills and skills they worked on in class. The children finished up their class time with a scrimmage. 

“Students had a great time. I was pleased to see so many smiles and so many sweaty faces.” Mrs. Teeling said, “The kids have been asking to play soccer this whole nine weeks, and I was lucky I knew a professional in this sport,  it was only a matter of finding a date that would work for the Coach.”

Students were very competitive during the scrimmage and several cries of “Gooooooaaaaaalllll” could be heard echoing down the hallways. They had a great time and they learned a few things too, especially the non-soccer players. “It was a little scary for me because I didn’t know anything, I mean I don’t play soccer. But this was fun.” One student commented. 

“I was surprised at some of the students enthusiasm.” Coach Phil said,  “There was also quite a few students who you could tell already knew their way around the soccer field. I had a good time today with the students, it was fun for me and I hope the students enjoyed themselves.” Yes they did Coach Phil, thanks for coming to FSAPS today and bringing soccer to our students.
Fulton Science Academy Soccer
Fulton Science Academy Soccer
Fulton Science Academy Soccer

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