Students Enjoyed Training with Anytime Fitness

Anytime Fitness comes in to show FSAPS Middle school what personal training is all about. Tim Whitted has been a personal trainer for 12 years. He brought that experience to the students along with two gym owners Jeremy Fitzpatrick, and Davin Lester. Together, they put the students through their paces.  Jeremy owns the location at Crabapple (Roswell) and  Davin has two locations one in Milton and one in Alpharetta.

After talking about the careers possible in the fitness industry and what it takes to get the Tim and Jeremy spoke about major muscle groups,  and sports specific training before starting the work out.  Students did a variety of skill drills as well as agility training and stretching. Tim administered a few fitness tests to see some of the students individual skills and fitness levels.

Mrs. Teeling said, “it was great to see the kids doing these drills. I think they have a deeper appreciation of what a trainer does as well as getting a more specific work out.” Andrew, one of the students who could not work out because of a recent surgery said ” I wish I could participate.” He said with a longing glance towards the students, “It looks a lot like the drills I do for football. The foot work is very similar and we do drills in square shapes as well.” 

“The kids are doing a great job, they are engaged and interested.” Tim said of the classes, “My goal here today was to try and make it fun for them, teach them proper form and expose them to the careers open to them in the fitness field.”

“The kids had a great time with the trainers and I know they got a great work out. I am also sure that some of them will have some sore muscles tomorrow.” Said Mrs.Teeling. “The students got a great mix of cardio and some stretching, they had skill drills and agility training….oh and thinking quick on their feet as well.” Talking of how Tim threw a ball as they did laps. 

“I am so thankful that the Anytime Fitness trainers and owners came today and I know the kids were too!”
Fulton Science Academy Fitness

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