Elementary Grades Enjoyed A Great Trip to Fernbank Museum


On Thursday, December 13th, elementary students had a trip to The Fernbank Museum of Natural History!  Students saw an I-MAX film all about African Elephants and visited  the “Winter Wonderland” exhibit. This holiday-inspired exhibition features trees and other displays decorated by local cultural partners that recognize celebrations including Christmas, Hanukkah and the Festival of Lights, as well as traditions and practices like origami, indigenous art and national symbols. The exhibition twinkle with lights, glimmer with color, and shine with a variety of cultural ornaments and emblems that recognize the diversity of celebrations, holidays, traditions and events around the world. Everyone enjoyed this and the other museum exhibits before and after the scheduled movie and lunch times.  

Fulton Science Academy Fernbank

Fulton Science Academy Fernbank
Fulton Science Academy Fernbank

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