A Great Start to Science Olympiad

Great Science Olympiad Results!

On Saturday, the Science Olympiad Team traveled to Peachtree City to compete in the J. C. Booth Middle School Invitational Tournament. This year’s tournament was the most competitive in history with nearly 50 teams competing, including tournament winner Solon Middle School from Solon, Ohio who has been the reigning National Champion for the past five years. FSA placed fifth among the participating schools, besting schools many times its size including Elkins Point and River Trail. FSA students placed in 10 of the 23 events.
Disease Detectives – coached by Mrs. Lewis
4th Place – Siri Choragudi and Suraj Chatrithi
Food Science – coached by Mrs. Deeb
4th Place – Siri Choragudi and Calvin Owens
Forestry – coached by Mrs. Butler
2nd Place – Lilly Webster and Aditi Tekkam
5th Place – Aditya Choudhari and Anany Terala
Helicopters – coached by Mrs. Walsh
4th Place – Susanne Deeb and Faith Lucas
Heredity – coached by Ms. Doraiswami
3rd Place – Araneesh Pratap and Sree Sanku
5th Place – Siri Choragudi and Calvin Owens
Metric Mastery – coached by Ms. Fichter
4th Place – Araneesh Pratap and Nadir Lewis
Mousetrap Vehicle – coached by Mr. Vazquez
6th Place – Sule Anik and Neel Ambardekar
Reach for the Stars – coached by Mrs. Walsh
6th Place – Araneesh Pratap and Aditya Chouhardi
Road Scholar – coached by Mrs. Stathos
5th Place – J. J. Lu and Beyza Akgun
Rotor Egg Drop – coached by Mr. Seker
4th Place – Calvin Owens and Katherine Li
Head Coaches Mrs. Walsh and Mrs. Stathos would like to thank all of the coaches and parents for their assistance in preparing and assisting the team. Congratulations! Our next competition will be the Regional Tournament to be held at Gainesville State College on February 9.

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