We all live in a watershed with water pollution coming from many sources. Nonpoint sources contribute a great deal to the pollution in our water bodies. The sources of nonpoint pollutants are not readily and specifically identifiable such as water runoff. The combined effect of pollution from many small sources can have a real impact on the quality of our water resources.

Terry Porter, Environmental Educator for the City of Alpharetta, visited with 6th grade students on Thursday February 21st. She brought in the Enviroscape Watershed, Nonpoint Source, Stormwater Pollution and Prevention interactive model. Mrs. Porter led students through a variety of hands-on experiments to better understand the sources and prevention of water pollution. Students tracked pollution from point and nonpoint sources. These experiments help students make the connection between what we do on Earth and how it impacts our environment.

Fulton Science Academy Water Pollution Experiment

Fulton Science Academy Water Pollution Experiment

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