Great Job at Global Connections Art & Essay Competition

Congratulations to Brian Shoffeit and Andrew Sauer who were both recognized this past weekend at the Global Connections Art and Essay Contest Awards Ceremony at Clayton State University! Brian won Honorable Mention for his essay, and Andrew won 2nd place for his essay.  Both students received a monetary prize. There were almost 2000 entries for this competition and it featured entries from 5 different states, so to be recognized in this competition is quite the accomplishment!  Congratulations Brian and Andrew!”

Fulton Science Academy Private School
Fulton Science Academy Private School

Congratulations to Model United Nations Team

Congratulations to the FSA Model UN Team!  They competed at their last full team competition at  Centennial High School Invitational on Friday, March 22, 2013.  The team did very well, and several students were honored for this individual achievements.  The list of individuals who were recognized are as follows:
In the UNICEF Committee: 
Honorable Mention to Cuba- represented by Alperen Aydin
In the UNHRC Committee: 
Outstanding Delegate to Thailand- represented by Beyza Akgun.
Honorable Mention to United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland- represented by Vikram Ruppa-Kasani, 
Honorable Mention to Palestine- represented by Brian Shoffeit.  
In the WHO Committee:
Outstanding Delegate to Japan-represented by Caroline Wittschen
Honorable Mention to Iran- represented by Aditya Choudhari.  
In the UNSC Committee: 
Honorable Mention to Guatemala- represented by Nuri Ozer
Fulton Science Academy Private School

Congratulations to all of you, and to the entire team for a job well done this year! Our last competition will be in New York City April 10-13, 2013.  Good luck to the ten students who will be representing Sweden at this competition.”

Four Students Advanced to State Media Festival

We have received the great news that all four of our middle school students competed at Regional Media Festival won Superior Rating and qualified to compete at the state level on May 3rd, 2013. The state competition will be held at Clayton County Schools S. Truett Cathy Professional Learning Center. We wish good luck to our students at the State Level. These students are Erin Machado (8th Grade), Alex Atchison (8th Grade), Araneesh Pratap (7th Grade) and Vikram Ruppa-Kasani (7th Grade). Congratulations to these students, their parents and our coach Mr. Kaya.

Fulton Science Academy
We strongly recommend that students interested in media festival should visit last year’s International Media Festival results on this website ( and see the winning projects. It will be inspiring to watch all these winning projects at the international level.

Elementary Students Love Hands-On Science Club

Students have recently been exploring eggs in Science Club.  A few weeks ago we put eggs in vinegar and made predictions about what may happen to the egg. Today we observed that the outer egg shell was dissolved by the vinegar leaving behind only a thin membrane to hold the egg intact.  Students got to feel, observe up close with flashlights and magnifying glasses, and even gently bounce the egg! The outside membrane was soft, smooth, wet, and rubbery according to student observation.  Then we decided to see how high we could get the egg to bounce before breaking.  We started at 2 inches and then it broke! 


To explore at home with the “naked egg” experiment, check out this link:

Elementary Students Enjoy Hands-On Science Club

Science club recently explored buoyancy in an “eggcellent” experiment! Fresh and salt water was discussed and students were asked to predict which cup of water would float an egg.  Students recorded their predictions on data sheets and then tested each glass of water.  Students concluded that since fresh water is less dense,  objects will float more easily in the dense salt water.  Try out this easy experiment at home! 

Elementary Reading Club is Fun!

Reading club recently read several books about the desert.  To extend learning, students made desert animals and cacti from salt dough.  Students used the stories as inspiration while shaping their turtles, snakes, etc.  After the salt dough dried student painted their creations.  Salt dough is easy to make and a great way for students to make sculptures, hand prints or beads.  The link below details a great salt dough recipe to try out at home! 

How Does Sound Board Work?

Last week 3rd graders  learned about sound board with a fun and engaging experiment called “chicken in a cup”. The vibrations from the string would be almost silent without the cup. When you use the cup, it spreads the vibrations and amplifies them. Pianos and music boxes use wood to act as a sounding board to make the instrument louder. 

For more information about sound boards, please see the video on the following website :

FSA Students Celebrated PI Day

FSA Students students celebrated PI DAY in different ways. 7th Graders, celebrated pi day with three activities,the first activity they did was pi memorization activity in which students were given limited time to memorize pi digits in groups and competed against each other. One group was able to memorize and write down correctly up to 29 digits.  During the second activity,  students measured the diameter and perimeter of various round objects using strings and divided  them to prove the pi number.The group came up with the closest number to the number pi won. They had fun competing and of course enjoyed delicious food. One other thing that 7th graders did was what we called Mr. PI. Mr. PI is the person who has the pi numbers as his phone number. Students were so excited to talk to him on speaker but unfortunately he didn’t answer 🙂 

A Great Trip to Medieval Times

On Friday, March 15, FSA 6th, 7th, and 8th graders had a  trip to Medieval Times. History was an experience within the walls of their 11th century-style castle.  During the Medieval Times Educational Matinee, our students stepped back into the Middle Ages as they witnessed medieval games of skill, spectacular horsemanship and even an authentic jousting tournament.  As the knights battled, the serfs and wenches served a King’s feast that was eaten Medieval-style: sans silverware!

Students were enthralled with the spectacular show and raved about the delicious lunch they enjoyed with their classmates and teachers. This trip became one of the most memorable activity of this year for everyone. Please see pictures here:

Fulton Science Academy Private School
Fulton Science Academy Private School


Fulton Science Academy Private School

In honor of their study of mollusks, on Thursday, March 14th Mrs. Butler announced her 7th grade Life Science classes by using a conch “shell trumpet”.   Conch “shell trumpets” were historically used as part of religious practices and for ceremonial purposes. A conch is the shell of a very large sea snail called a mollusk. These “shell trumpets” can produce a very loud sound!

Maybe you think that snails, clams, mussels, squid, and octopods are very different. 7th grade Life Science students have been studying these organisms and know they are all invertebrates and belong to one of the 3 main groups of mollusks: Gastropods, Bivalves, and Cephalopods.