Elementary Grades Enjoy Art Classes

Last week, Ms. Fichter started this lesson by looking at some famous paintings done in pointillism  style and discussing with the students how the dots of color blend when seen from a distance. The students were fascinated when they were shown pictures of this style of painting and then a close up so that they could see the tiny dots of color. This week, Mrs. Teeling explained that the paintings that they saw last week were done by artists that had practiced to be able to do this technique so well. She explained that like riding a bicycle…you have to learn how to balance and steer without falling over before you  could ever attempt to do tricks.
In the paintings the students made, they simplified their landscapes down to very few elements: clouds, sky, trees and grass. This week, they worked on the sky, next week they will finish off the clouds and begin the grass.  The last thing they will add is the trees. 
Working in stages and learning the technique will help make everyone successful.  Several students held up their paintings to be seen by students further away and they were amazed at how different the paintings looked. “Here, hold up my painting for me…I want to see what it looks like from over there.” Then, “Wow, how cool…it looks really good.” 
Mrs Teeling said, “Other students shared high fives and were saying such wonderful things about each others work. And they are not even complete yet.  We will have to put them all on display before we send them home.” Great Job First and Second Graders!  
Seeds are just the beginning… Elementary Art Club learned that Wednesday when they began a new project using seeds. They have been studying seeds and plants in science but in the art room we used them for a different purpose. The students began by learning that they would be working with recycled cardboard from around the school.Next they placed a seed of their choice in the center and began to create a circular pattern. Next week they will be gluing a backing piece of material and a cord to wear to display their wearable art around their neck.

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