Students Celebrated Dr. Seuss’s Birthday with Fun Learning Activities

Elementary students had a blast this past Friday during the Dr.  Seuss’ Birthday Celebration!  The fun began as they entered the school to meet Thing 1 (Mrs. Adams) and Thing 2 (Mrs. Fichter) ready to outfit them with “Cat In The Hat” headbands a set painted set of whiskers and black nose.  After lunch and recess, students met in the Reading Room to be given giant red and white empty goodie bags and instructions for their afternoon journey through wonderfully wacky world of Dr. Seuss’ most famous stories. 

Students rotated through all the elementary classrooms, collecting Dr. Seuss themed prizes to put in their goodie bags, hearing a story, and then completing activities based on the book they just heard.  Science connections were everywhere!  From hearing  Green Eggs  and then cooking their own to reading Bartholomew and the Oobleck and then using Elmer’s glue, Borax, food coloring, and water to concoct their own gooey oobleck, Dr. Suess stories served as inspiration to some great changes of matter experimentation. 

The Foot Book helped with some basic math concept reinforcement for all grade levels.  From measuring with  non-standard units (your foot!) to tallying the frequency of the words foot and feet in the story, math is definitely more fun with Dr. Seuss. 
And, of course, few teachers could resist the temptation to use Dr. Seuss’ imaginative illustrations as inspiration for some very creative art projects.  Fox In Socks, The Cat In The Hat, and The Lorax all inspired some wonderful pieces now on display in the Reading Room!
The day ended in the cafeteria with some tasty Truffula Tree cupcakes and a re-cap of the day’s activities.  What did the students want more of when the day was done?  They begged to hear more Dr. Seuss stories!!!

Fulton Science Academy Private School