Three FSA Students Attended Chess SuperNationals V

Three FSA students attended chess SuperNationals V, 5 – 7 April 2013 @ Nashville, TN past weekend.  

1st Grader, Raj Mehta won 5 games out of 7 and tied 30th place.
7th Grader, Sid Marupudi tied for 20th place.
7th Grader, Vikram Ruppa-Kasani played in  K-8 under 1000 section. He won 4.5 games out of 7.  His individual standing is #42 and tied to 32nd place. Vikram could chose to compete in K-12 under 800 but he chose to take more challenge by competing under 1000 section and did reasonably well. 
Congratulations to these students their parents.

FSA Spring Break Turkey Trip

This spring break, we enjoyed  a wonderful Spring Break Trip to Turkey with a group of parents, students and teachers.  We were a total of 13 people in our group. We visited the cities of Istanbul, Izmir and Antalya. It was a wonderful trip. As our school grow, we will increase these international trip opportunities to visit different countires for our students and parents. Many students and parents asked for the pictures from the trip. Please see them here:  

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