Congratulations to MathGeniuses Competition Winners

Out of 21 possible placements, our students won 5 placements at the recent MathGeniuses competition. Please see their names and placements below.

Abhiram Vuribindi – 1st Place in 1st Grade 
Varun Vasudev – 3rd Place in 1st Grade
Katherine Li – 3rd Place in 6th Grade
Hasan Unal – 3rd Place in 7th Grade
Suraj Chatrathi – 3rd Place in 8th Grade

Congratulations to these students, their parents and our math teachers. 

FSA Ping Pong Tournament Champions

The results from the Ping Pong tournament for the Middle School is as follows:

8th grade champion is Alperen Aydin

7th grade champion is Nadir Lewis 

6th grade champion is Elaine Wen

Fulton Science Academy Private School


These students will start a double elimination playoff to determine the grand champion of the Middle School starting this week. The teachers tournament is still progressing but no clear cut forerunner at this point….the winner could be anyone….stay tuned for more news as soon as we have developments. Happy Ping! Pong!