COE Cares is offering a workshop for middle school children, “Introduce your Child to Engineering”, Thursday, June 6.  It’s a fun opportunity for 6th, 7th and 8th grade students to explore different engineering areas and gain hands on experience, which will help them understand what engineering is.  See the below flyer for more information and to register your child (grandchild, or other relative) for the workshop.  The cost is only $10 which includes lunch and a t-shirt.  Registration ends on Friday, May 17. 

THIS IS THE SPIRIT! FSA Math Olympiad Team Meets Every Morning

FSA Math Olympiad students meet every morning at 7:30am in Mr. Tuzen’s room to prepare for their next math competition, Cheetah Cup. So far students have finished individual rounds and they are familiar with the question format. In the remaining days, they will be practicing team rounds. We congratulate these students for their hardwork and wish them good luck at their next math competition this Saturday.



This past week, FSA students and teachers had a great time learning with “The Earth Ballon!”  The Earth Balloon is intended to make the Educational Programs of Keep Roswell Beautiful much more effective. Students entered the 22′ (6.7m) diameter Earth Balloon through an entrance in the Pacific Ocean and learned about rain forests, the ring of fire, time zones, population clusters, migration, man’s impact on the earth, and endless other topics. The Earth Balloon is truly a unique way to learn about our ever-changing earth! 


1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade students will be heading on a field trip to The Atlanta Botanical Garden this Wednesday,April 17th!  Students will enjoy a guided tour beginning at 10 am that focuses specifically on plant diversity.  While most plants have similar parts, each species’ vary in function and appearance according to their environment. During this tour, students will discuss plant adaptations as they explore the Outdoor Gardens and the Fuqua Conservatory – particularly the rainforest, desert and southeastern bog gardens.  Afterwards, we’ll head to Piedmont Park to enjoy a picnic lunch in the warm springtime sun and then re-visit the Botanical Garden for some self-guided exploration! 


Over the course of the year, FSA Robotics Club students learned building and programming robots to attend competitions.  Since now all the robotic competions are over, we have decided to do our own at our school. We will do our first annual sumobot competition on Georgia STEM Day. During Sumobot competition, two self-controlled robots are placed in a ring. The robots try to avoid falling out or avoid being pushed out by the opponent robot. The first robot that touches outside of the ring loses the round. The first robot to win two rounds, wins the match. Different robots compete one-on-one against each other throughout the contest. The robot that wins the most matches wins the contest. The Sumobot competition will be held at the school cafateria on May 3rd, Georgia STEM Day and the winners will be awarded with gift cards and other suprises. Good luck to all students.

What is Georgia STEM Day?
The Georgia Statewide STEM Day (May 3rd) will be a day for schools, students, teachers, and companies to raise awareness, celebrate and engage in activities involving science, technology, engineering and math!

FSA Model U.N. Team Competed at the United Nations Building in New York

Our Model U.N. team just returned from an awesome trip to New York City!  Beyza Akgun, Aditya Choudhari, Andrew Grigsby, Maria Hagen, J.J. Lu, Erin Machado, Nuri Ozer, Vikram Ruppa-Kasani, Brian Shoffeitt, and Davis Tardif traveled along with Mrs. Bragg and Mr. Stiffler to compete in the Global Classrooms International Middle School Model United Nations Conference.  There were students from all over the world at this competition, included schools from South Korea, Ghana, Italy, Mexico, Panama, Turkey, and many more.  The opening ceremonies were held at the actual United Nations building and students had an amazing time on the trip!  We have not received the full list of awards and recognition yet, but we do know that Davis Tardif and Andrew Grigsby were given the Honorable Mention award for their representation of Sweden in the UN Habitat Committee.  We will be sending out pictures and more information about the trip sometime later this week!  If you see these students, please congratulate them for a job well done!

Team Fire Wolves 360 is A Finalist at TAG-ED Web Challenge Competition

We are pleased to inform our community that one of our FSA Web Challenge Teams, Fire Wolves 360, was announced as one of the four finalists in 2013 TAG-ED Web Design Challenge among over one hundred teams registered. Team Fire Wolves 360 includes following 6th grade students: Joseph Pederson, Gwyneth O’Sullivan, Eemil Harkonen, and Chloe Richardson. Fire Wolves 360 have been invited  to the WEB Challenge Awards Reception on April 23rd hosted at Google’s midtown office in Atlanta. This will be a great opportunity for our students to see Google and listen to the presentation given by a Google Executive. Finalists will also be awarded with scholarships during the award ceremony. We will share the details in the next newsletter. Congratulations to these wonderful team of 6th graders, their parents and our coach Mr. Kaya for this great achievement. Way to go!

Reading Club Students Enjoy "Buddy Reading"

During Tuesday’s Reading Club, students have been enjoying “Buddy Reading!” Students choose a book and take turns reading to one another.  Even Pre-K joined the fun and shared their reading skills with older reading buddies.  Buddy Reading allows students to practice reading fluently and with expression as well as develops self confidence as a reader.

FSA March Madness Dance Was A Big Hit

The PVO out did themselves with a wonderful “shake it loose and bring on the spring” dance. Refreshments were contributed by many parents along with a DJ that rocked the house.  Students entered the decorated and dimly lit cafeteria that looked like a fancy dance hall. The twinkle lights that lined the walls helped create the party atmosphere as the music got them moving to the beat from the moment they entered the space.

“We were lucky that Ashley from Dance FX was able to fit us into her schedule and reprise a visit by her company that they made in the fall.” said Mrs.Teeling. “The PVO asked me to reach back out to them to see if they might be willing to donate some more time to our students and teach them a line dance or something. Dance FX came through and the kids had fun and learned some new moves.” Mrs. Teeling said.

Towards the conclusion of the dance, the elementary students was invited to join in the fun and it was great to see the 8th graders reach out and take the hands of the little ones and dance together. True school spirit if you ask me. 


Elementary Students Love Hands-On Science Club

In honor of Spring, Science Club is experimenting with bunny Peeps! Students were tasked with choosing a name for their bunny as well as deciding on the type of “bath” to give their marsh mellow friend. Groups chose from a variety of liquids for their “Peep bath” and then made predictions about how the liquid and marsh mellow bunny would react after a week long soak.  Liquid choices included soda, vinegar, color water, shaving cream and salt water.  We have experimented with all of these liquids this year in Science Club and many students made connections to previous activities while discussing their predictions. Next week, students will check the results of their “Peep bath” to see how the various liquids and marsh mellows reacted!