FSA March Madness Dance Was A Big Hit

The PVO out did themselves with a wonderful “shake it loose and bring on the spring” dance. Refreshments were contributed by many parents along with a DJ that rocked the house.  Students entered the decorated and dimly lit cafeteria that looked like a fancy dance hall. The twinkle lights that lined the walls helped create the party atmosphere as the music got them moving to the beat from the moment they entered the space.

“We were lucky that Ashley from Dance FX was able to fit us into her schedule and reprise a visit by her company that they made in the fall.” said Mrs.Teeling. “The PVO asked me to reach back out to them to see if they might be willing to donate some more time to our students and teach them a line dance or something. Dance FX came through and the kids had fun and learned some new moves.” Mrs. Teeling said.

Towards the conclusion of the dance, the elementary students was invited to join in the fun and it was great to see the 8th graders reach out and take the hands of the little ones and dance together. True school spirit if you ask me. 


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