Team Fire Wolves 360 is A Finalist at TAG-ED Web Challenge Competition

We are pleased to inform our community that one of our FSA Web Challenge Teams, Fire Wolves 360, was announced as one of the four finalists in 2013 TAG-ED Web Design Challenge among over one hundred teams registered. Team Fire Wolves 360 includes following 6th grade students: Joseph Pederson, Gwyneth O’Sullivan, Eemil Harkonen, and Chloe Richardson. Fire Wolves 360 have been invited  to the WEB Challenge Awards Reception on April 23rd hosted at Google’s midtown office in Atlanta. This will be a great opportunity for our students to see Google and listen to the presentation given by a Google Executive. Finalists will also be awarded with scholarships during the award ceremony. We will share the details in the next newsletter. Congratulations to these wonderful team of 6th graders, their parents and our coach Mr. Kaya for this great achievement. Way to go!

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