WT Cafe – FSA School Lunch Program

We are pleased to inform our students and parents that we have finalized the selection of lunch program for 2013-2014 school year.

We will be working with a wonderful school lunch program called WT Café.

This company is also known as Wholesome Tummies. They use the name WT Café when the schools they serve includes middle school grades and up.

Please click here for WT Café Website and click here for WT Café Brochure.

More information about our new school lunch program will be shared on FSA Weekly Newsletter and on our school website soon. 

Our food is full of fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole grains
Children need well-balanced meals with a variety of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains in order to function at peak performance during the school day. Our foods consistently include these nourishing ingredients, even if we have to “sneak” them in!

We only use organic and all-natural ingredients
We believe in minimizing chemicals and pesticides in our children’s foods wherever possible. We strive to use organic products when our foods include any of the 12 fruits and vegetables found to have the highest levels of pesticide residue (the “Dirty Dozen”).

Our food contains no trans-fats, no high fructose corn syrup, no nitrates, no artificial colors, and no artificial flavors
Our kids don’t need to eat foods with ingredients they can’t pronounce. These items belong in the laboratories where they are made, and not in our children’s bodies. We will not include artificial ingredients of any kind in our foods.

Our food is nutritionist-approved for children’s dietary needs
We work closely with our corporate nutritionist to prepare foods with the right balance of fat, proteins, and carbohydrates for children’s growing bodies.  Our portion sizes and proprietary recipes are designed to reflect the approved guidelines for a child’s daily caloric needs.
Strict Standards

At Wholesome Tummies, we adhere to strictest standards for food.  We promise to:

  • Use natural and organic foods
  • Make our foods from scratch every day
  • Never use artificial flavors or colors
  • Never use MSG or other additives
  • Never use high fructose corn syrup
  • Never use added trans fats
  • Use reduced levels of sodium
  • Use reduced levels of sugar

Some additional information about our foods: 

  • Our meats are free from added nitrates, and we strive to offer hormone and antibiotic free meats whenever possible.
  • We use olive oil and canola oils, which have a healthier blend of fatty acids than other cooking oils.
  • Minimal amounts of fat are used in all food preparations. We have nothing to hide. 
In fact, all our nutritional info is posted on our ordering pages next to each menu item for our customers’ easy reference.  Anyone is welcome to visit one of our local food service facilities to see firsthand how committed we are to providing a truly natural choice for our children.  What they eat today creates lifelong eating habits, and we work hard to help parents like you get them off on the right culinary path!

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