End of Year Talent Show

Yesterday was the Elementary and Middle School Talent Show! The elementary grades show opened with a dramatic interpretation of “the Three Little Pigs” by the Pre-K complete with costumes and a set!  We enjoyed listening to a talented 3rd grade pianist, several individual singers, cheering on an accomplished 1st grade hula hooper, and more!  The talent show closed with Ms. Atchison’s first grade class and their rendition of “Iko Iko” preceded by a lesson of the songs origin.  Right after the elementary show, the middle school talent show started. From a rockin’ band to classical piano pieces, there was something for everyone.  We applaud you, brave students, for getting on stage and sharing your talents with everyone! The winners of the Middle school Talent Show are: 

3rd place (tie) Elaine Wen and Chloe Richardson
2nd place  Ananya Terala
1st place  Keely Douglass.
Congratulations to the winners and a big thank you for all participants. 

End of Year Picnic

Sunday may have brought rain, but it didn’t keep the picnic-goers away!  New Fulton Science Private School families and teachers met and mingled with current families and faculty together under the large pavilion at Wills Park Sunday evening during our End-of-School Picnic.  It was a true joy to spend time with our students, teachers and parents in such an informal setting. We would like to thank all FSA teachers for the wonderful barbeque and all the parents for attending and bringing some delicious goodies and beverages.  As always, the barbeque chicken was great 🙂 

Fulton Science Academy Orlando Trip

This past weekend several Middle School students attended our end-of-the-year field trip to Orlando!  Students spent Friday afternoon at Epcot discovering countries from around the globe in the World Showcase, enjoying Moroccan cuisine at the Tangierine Café, delighting in the “Illuminations:Reflections of Earth” laser and fireworks show over the World Showcase Lagoon, and finishing up with some crepes and ice cream in France. 
Saturday began with the Disney Youth Education Series “Sustainable Practices in Wildlife Conservation” at the Animal Kingdom. This 3-hour program brought environmental studies lessons to life as our students gained new perspective while discovering how all people and animals are connected, and how each uniquely responds to environmental challenges. Our group studied different cultural perspectives on conservation, challenges to fossil fuels and the human development of renewable energy. Students worked together using their new knowledge to create an effective conservation action plan. Afterwards, students cooled off on “Expedition Everest” and the “Kali River Rapids” rides.  They saw lions, and elephants, and flamingos (oh, my!) on the “Kilimanjaro Safari” and then enjoyed a delicious lunch in “The Rainforest Café.”
A ferry ride carried us into the afternoon at “The Magic Kingdom” where students split into groups with chaperones and explored all the different lands in the park.  We came back together in the evening to watch as the sky lit up during the “Wishes” fireworks show and Disney friends continued to light up the night in the “Main Street Electrical Parade.” 
Early Sunday morning the fun continued with the Disney Youth Education Series “The Evolution of Technology.” During this adventure, students came to understand the broader scope of technology and how innovation is inspired. In this 3 hour academic adventure, attraction experiences helped to demonstrate the factors that drive technology development and how mankind’s challenges are being aided by these advancements.  We learned about Canada during a Circle Vision 360 “O Canada!” film and experienced Mexican cuisine at “La Cantina de San Angel” for lunch.  Students then flew over natural vista’s on “Soarin’,” escaped tricky trolls in the Norwegian mists on “Maelstrom,” and discovered their inner engineers as they designed and customized their own thrill ride at “The Sum of all Thrills.” 
Sunday afternoon we traveled home and the fun we had was not forgotten as the students reminisced about the amazing time that was had by all.  Please enjoy the memories captured in photographs below!

Fulton Science Academy Robotics Team Visited Emory University

This past weekend, the robotics team went to Emory Hospital for a presentation of robots in their surgery room. There was a short lecture about Da Vinci. The Da Vinci Surgical System is a robotic surgical system. It is designed to facilitate complex surgery using a minimally invasive approach, and is controlled by a surgeon from a console. The system is commonly used for prostatectomies, and increasingly for cardiac valve repair and gynecologic surgical procedures. The system costs on average slightly under $2 million.
When students arrived at the hospital, they first were required to dress in protective body suits and surgical hats for sterility purposesBefore viewing and experimenting with the Da Vinci Surgical System, students observed laparoscopic surgeries to note the differences in the traditional surgery method and the robotic surgical system. Students had a chance to practice laparoscopic surgery firsthand with Emory Hospital doctor’s guidance.  They received basic training on using real surgery equipment in an actual surgery room environment. After laparoscopic surgery practice, students visited The Da Vinci! 
All student were able to use The Da Vinci and perform “surgery on model human body.  This unique opportunity to observe and experience robotic technology of the future was very inspirational to our students with aspirations to become the next great engineer or physician!
The FSAPS Robotics Team would like to thank Emory Hospital and Angelica Figueiredo White  for this amazing opportunity.

Fulton Science Academy Private School


This past Friday, we have received the great news that three of our students, Erin Machado, Alex Atchison, and Vikram Ruppa-Kasani received outstanding scores in the State Media Festival and qualified to compete at the International Student Media Festival. Please see the details here:

Vikram Ruppa Kasani – in the Category of Web Design – Teens Drive Safe – 96 out of 100
Alex Atchison – in the Category of Animation – The Academy of the Arctic Arts – 96 out of 100
Erin Machado – in the Category of Sequential Stills –  The Nature of Media – 100 out of 100.

Congratulations to these students, their parents and our coach Mr. Kaya.

Good luck at the International Media Festival!