End of Year Talent Show

Yesterday was the Elementary and Middle School Talent Show! The elementary grades show opened with a dramatic interpretation of “the Three Little Pigs” by the Pre-K complete with costumes and a set!  We enjoyed listening to a talented 3rd grade pianist, several individual singers, cheering on an accomplished 1st grade hula hooper, and more!  The talent show closed with Ms. Atchison’s first grade class and their rendition of “Iko Iko” preceded by a lesson of the songs origin.  Right after the elementary show, the middle school talent show started. From a rockin’ band to classical piano pieces, there was something for everyone.  We applaud you, brave students, for getting on stage and sharing your talents with everyone! The winners of the Middle school Talent Show are: 

3rd place (tie) Elaine Wen and Chloe Richardson
2nd place  Ananya Terala
1st place  Keely Douglass.
Congratulations to the winners and a big thank you for all participants. 

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