Solar Astronomer Visited Fulton Science Academy

Students at Fulton Science Academy Private School were looking up on Thursday, September 19th.  Luckily they had just been handed a pair of free solar glasses so they could view the sun directly. Mr. Stephen Ramsden, founder of the Charlie Bates Solar Astronomy Project, visited bringing not only his solar telescopes and equipment but his vast knowledge of the sun. 

Students viewed the sun through 3 different eyepieces each giving a different perspective on the sun.  There were also additional telescopes hooked up to computers so that students could get a better view of the sun in real time.  
Luckily clear skies and an active sun provided awesome opportunities to view sunspots, solar prominences, and solar flares.  Many students were amazed to actually see things they had learned about in 6th grade Earth Science.  
Mr. Ramsden provided perspective on the distance from the sun to the Earth and nuclear fusion as well as discussing with students the importance of studying math and science. 
Thanks to Mr. Ramsden, many students left school that day with a lot more knowledge and respect for our closest star and its effects on Earth and the living things that inhabit it.
Please click here to view time lapse images and solar images taken that day.

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