Last Friday the FSAPS middle school students traveled north to Dahlonega to visit the Chestatee Wildlife Preserve.  This trip provided a unique experience where the students walked around the preserve and had the opportunity to view a wide range of animal species, from African lion cubs to a zedonk (a zebra donkey hybrid).

The most popular of these creatures were undoubtedly the cats.  There were a variety of tigers as well as a lion and lioness pair.  The juvenile white Siberian tiger cub was playful, while the sheer size and majesty of the big cats was breathtaking.

One creature that will long be remembered is the large white cockatoo, with his wild behavior, shrieking cries, and flaring head piece.  He danced around his cage begging for everyone’s attention, singing his shrill song long after the students had departed for the animal show.

During the show, students were able to see and touch exotic creatures during a live demonstration.  Among the animals brought out to learn about in more detail were ball pythons (once worn as jewelry, as demonstrated by the brave Señora Adkins), a bearded dragon, and a young savannah cat (a mix of a serval and domestic cat).  Clearly the favorite of this group was the chinchilla, as it demonstrated how it gave itself dust baths in the wild to keep itself free of mites.

The weather for the trip could not have been better, and the students enjoyed the time spent outdoors with the chance to see numerous wild animals that have been rescued ad given the care they deserve.
Our thanks go out to the staff of the Chestatee Wildlife Preserve for their hospitality.  

More information about the preserve can be found at their website, http://www.chestateewildlife.com/

Please see some pictures from this wonderful trip here:

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