Kindergarten Students Love Science Fair Experiments

Both of the Kindergarten classes have been having a fantastic time collaborating on their Science Fair experiments. Today we saw a demonstration by Rylar and Abhinav on how hot water molecules and cold water molecules move at different speeds in the “Underwater Volcano” experiment. Kaya and Kerim showed how different surface materials on a ramp affect the downward acceleration ability of a plastic car. Each student enjoyed developing their own hypothesis for this experiment prior to the demonstration (you should have heard the reasoning behind why a few thought bubble wrap would make the car go faster)!
We also listened to Riley and Ian discuss the concept of their boat shape and weight experiment, and then everyone built a boat from aluminum foil to test this Friday. Orion and Jonathon’s research on the best way to sprout a potato has paid off!  The red potato under the sink in the Science Olympiad Room has sprouted and is ready to race towards sunlight in their homemade potato maze box.   Best of all- students enjoyed the free exploration centers afterward where they could experiment with different variables of acceleration using ramps and lifts and plant one of three seed types to see which sprouts the quickest.  We are so excited to show off everything we have learned as we prepare for the FSAPS Science Fair, but we will be so sad when it is over!

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