Fulton Science Academy Math Whizzes Win First Place in 3 Competitions

How does a Math Olympiad team win two competitions held at the exact same time in different locations? For the Fulton Science Academy (FSA) Private School Math Olympiad Team, it meant splitting the team into two groups.

The FSA math team was faced with the logistical feat of competing in two different math competitions at once on Saturday, Nov. 9. So the team divided into two groups and competed in two different math competitions on the same day  and took home first place awards from both competitions.
The first group attended 2013 Luella High School Math Competition and they not only won first place as a team, but took the top three placements individually.

The second group attended the War Eagle Middle School Math Tournament and they won first place as a team in the accelerated division.
The year started out just as strongly, with the FSA Math Olympiad Team students competing at the  Rockdale Math Competition in Conyers on Oct. 26. They won first place not only in their division, but also overall among all middle schools.
In his letter to Fulton Science Academy Private School, Alpharetta Mayor David Belle Isle said “Congratulations on placing 1st overall in the Rockdale Mathematics Competition. Your preparation and hard wok is reflected in this achievement. This is truly an outstanding accomplishment and I am proud to have you represent the city of Alpharetta.”
Principal Kenan Sener said that “Success like this does not come easy. The FSA Math Olympiad Team meets not only every week during club time, but also before school and weekends to improve their math skills.”
He said the students studied advanced math skills for two days at a math camp organized by the FSA math department educators in Helen.
“I am very proud of these students. They work hard, they work smart, and they work together. Winning three first place trophy in two weeks is certainly a big accomplishment. In my opinion, this is just the beginning of our FSA Math Olympiad team. Our ultimate goal is to win national and international trophies and represent our wonderful city of Alpharetta as well as we can.”
The FSA Math Olympiad Team includes Hyen Jay Lee, Brian Shoffeitt, Araneesh Pratap, Sid Marupudi, Nadir Lewis, Karuna Kumar, Ananya Terala, Elaine Wen, Julian Hamelberg, Aditya Choudhari, Jean Moorman, Hasan Unal, Mira Mutnick, Gwen O’Sullivan, Charlie Furniss, Andre Hamelberg, Katherine Li, Alice Qiao, Prajwal Vedula and Vikram Ruppa-Kasani.


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