1st Place in 2013 Luella High School Math Competition

On Saturday, November 9, Fulton Science Academy Private School Math Olympiad Team students attended 2013 Luella High School Math Competition. Our students have shown an outstanding performance in this competition. They did not only won 1st place as a team but they also won top three placement individually. Please see the individual placements below:

1st Place – Julian Hamelberg
2nd Place – Aditya Choudhari
3rd Place – Jean Moorman
5th Place – Hasan Unal

Other Math Olympiad students in our 1st place winning team are Hyen Jay Lee, Brian Shoffeitt, Araneesh Pratap, Sid Marupudi, Nadir Lews, Karuna Kumar, Ananya Terala and Elaine Wen!

Congratulations to these wonderful group of students, their parents and our coaches, Mr. Seker and Mr. Tuzen. Way to go!

Kindergarten Fall Center Party Was a Big Success

On Thursday, October 31st all the Kindergarten students enjoyed a Fall Centers Party between our two Kindergarten rooms and the playground.  Students decorated cookies (one to eat and one to keep!) and enjoyed a cup of “Spooky Brew” with Mrs. Long (Orion’s mom) at the “Cookie Decorating Station.”   Our little artists painted beautiful wooden frames at the “Craft Station” with Mrs. Mishra (Aryana’s mom).  After adding a little glitter glue, a few 3-D stickers, and the commemorative picture of all their friends by the colorful playground tree- this Fall keepsake brought smiles to everyone’s face when they got to take the frames home on Friday.

Students were finally able to put the last two weeks of daily morning estimation practice to good use during the “Estimation Station” activity.  Mrs. Irshadullah helped students look at several containers filled with treats and prizes and had each member of the group come up with and write an estimate for the amount of items inside one jar they chose as a group.  After counting every item in each jar, the child that guessed the closest to the actual number received two items from the jar to put in their goody bag.  The other children in the group each received one.  Students had tons of fun estimating like crazy and earning prizes until it was time to switch stations!
Ms. Pacheco (Ian’s mom) and Mrs. Thai (Jonathon’s mom) took turns leading the “Pumpkin Game Center” and “Storytelling Cave.” Students helped select and then listened to some of their favorite Fall stories inside a cozy tent complete with fluffy pillows and a cozy pumpkin blanket.  The best part?  Students lit up their stories with the glow sticks and wands they brought with them from the “Craft Station!”  
On the playground, students added points earned during “Pumpkin Buckets”, played “Pin-The-Nose-On-The-Pumpkin,” and used pumpkin sponges to transport water as fast as they could from a giant cauldron to plastic pumpkin buckets in the “Jack-O-Lantern Relay.”

Thank you to everyone who helped make this event a big success.  The students couldn’t stop talking about all the fun they had the rest of the day on Thursday and all day Friday.  They said it was the “best day all year.”  Oh, if only they knew how many fun events they have to look forward to yet in Kindergarten…

Elementary Students Enjoyed Pumpkin Story Book Characters

2nd through 5th grade students and their families worked hard to create a 3D character from a picture or chapter book of their choice using a pumpkin. This project required students to think creatively and critically as they decorated their pumpkins to look like a character from their book.  Hopefully, this project inspired our young readers to try new books and created excitement about reading!

CMP Speaker Series Hosted Ameriprise Financial Advisor, Craig Carter

We have enjoyed hosting another successful leader of our community this past week as part of Fulton Science Academy Private School College Mentorship Program Speaker Series. Mr. Craig Carter received a distinction from the Atlanta Magazine just this month as a 2013 Five Star Wealth Manager. The topic he covered with our students was “Personal Finance.” This is a much needed topic for today’s generation as they prepare for life. Mr. Carter’s speech provided a high level discussion on forward planning with a budget (big rocks verses little rocks) the importance of having an adequate cash reserve, and time value of money.  We thank Mr. Carter for his time. It was an amazing experience for everyone attended. Please see pictures from last week’s speech below:

1st Place in 2013 Georgia State Chess Tournament

Congratulations to  our newest State Champions. We now have two more State Champions at our school. This past weekend, November 2nd, 2nd grader, Raj Mehta and 8th grader, Vikram-Ruppa-Kasani competed at 2013 Georgia Grade Level Chess Championship at Creekland Middle School and they both won 1st place trophy at the state level. Additionally 3rd grader, Pranav Devalapalli won 5th place trophy in third grade level. Considering we are a small school, it is amazing that our students won two of the nine possible grade level championships at the state level.  Congratulations to these students, their parents and their coaches. Way to go! Please see a picture of these champions below: