Elementary Students Enjoyed Atlanta Zoo Field Trip

3rd through 5th grade students had a wonderful time on their field trip to the Atlanta Zoo! Students began the morning with a tour of the zoo.  Science skills were put to work as students observed animals in their natural habitats.  They walked through the African Savannah to see elephants and giraffes, strolled through rain forest jungles to see a variety of snakes and frogs, peeked at the sleeping pandas in the bamboo forest and crawled through the dens of naked mole rats! After the tour, students visited the petting zoo where they brushed and said hello to a few friendly goats.  The morning excitement was concluded with a pleasant picnic lunch in Grant Park. Our fun filled day was completed with an educational program discussing the different types and characteristics of habitats. This interactive program had students onstage as they discussed producers and consumers within an ecosystem. The program ended with an alligator encounter! Student got to pet a 2 year old alligator and reflect on an awesome and educational experience at the zoo! 

CMP Speaker Series Hosted Mr. Mike Sutton

As part of Fulton Science Academy College Mentorship Program Speaker Series, we have hosted Mr. Mike Sutton, President at Pinnacle Performers,  to talk about “Presentation Skills.” Mr. Sutton, being an expert in this area, has done an amazing job teaching our students presentation skills. It was a dynamic presentation with many useful information. We thank Mr. Sutton for making himself available and covering this very important topic for our students.