We’ve been together for 100 days,
Learning and growing in so many ways,
We’ve come together to sing and say,
Happy, Happy, 100th Day! 

Thursday, January 23rd marked the 100th day of school for all students. First grade celebrated the 100th day in a mighty big way!! Students demonstrated they are now 100 days smarter by applying mathematical concepts and skills through a variety of activities. Just to name a few, first grade estimated how many times they could jump in 100 seconds; used sparkly glitter and colorful paper to make 100 day crowns, hats, and glasses; identified several words that rhyme with the word hundred (This is harder than it sounds!); demonstrated how many ways the number 100 can be represented; gobbled down 100 different snacks; counted 100 super cool Pokémon figures, and the list goes on! As you can see from our smiling faces, the 100th day of school was 100 times the fun!! 

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