Fulton Science Academy Private School Wins Big in Science Olympiad Tourney

In a record-breaking performance, Fulton Science Academy Private School Science Olympiad Teams took first, second, and third places at the Science Olympiad Middle School Regional Tournament held at the University of North Georgia Gainesville Campus on Saturday, February 15. FSA 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students won gold medals in 18 of the 23 events covering earth science, biology, chemistry, physics, and engineering.  The 41 team members won a total of 107 medals.  “Our students worked incredibly hard preparing for this tournament,” said head coaches Pam Walsh and Gloria Stathos. “We started in August. Each event meets at least an hour a week after school or on weekends and each student participates in three to six events. A lot of our parents help out as well, so it’s a big commitment for the entire family.” The school now qualifies to send one team of fifteen students to the state tournament to be held March 22 at Southern Polytechnic State University in Marietta. “Under Science Olympiad rules, only one team from each school can advance to state,” explained Pam Walsh.

Events in which the school did particularly well include Boomilever (a balsa building/engineering event), Disease Detectives (epidemiology), Dynamic Planet (glaciers and climate change), Entomology (insects), Experimental Design, Helicopters, Road Scholar (map interpretation), Rotor Egg Drop (a balsa building/engineering event), and Sounds of Music (physics of sound and instrument construction).
The team will now focus on the finer details in preparing for the state tournament. “Our goal is to qualify for the National Tournament by placing first or second at state,” said Gloria Stathos. “Georgia has some really strong teams and every year the competition gets tougher.”

Here are the results for each event:

Anatomy – coached by Mrs. Ambari
1st Place – Hasan Unal and Araneesh Pratap
3rd Place – Sanjeev Uppalari and Prajwal Vedula
Boomilever – coached by Mr. Seker
2nd  Place Sule Anik and Faith Lucas
3rd  Place Soleil Moffitt and Susanne Deeb
4th  Place Nadine Haddad and Christina Wang
Can’t Judge a Powder – coached by Dr. Kasani
2nd Place – Vikram Ruppa-Kasani and Hasan Unal
3rd Place – Sarah Lucas and Soleil Moffitt
Crime Busters – coached by Dr. Kasani
2nd Place – Vikram Ruppa-Kasani and Hasan Unal
Disease Detectives – coached by Mrs. Lewis
1st Place — Nadir Lewis and Brian Shoffeitt
2nd Place – Akash Bhatt and Prajwal Vedula
3rd Place – Sarah Lucas and Katherine Li
Dynamic Planet – coached by Mrs. Walsh
1st Place — Aditya Choudhari and Jean Moorman
3rd Place – Maryam Unal and Callie Webster
4th Place – Matthew Stafford and Christina Wang
Entomology – coached by Mrs. Butler
1st Place – Faith Lucas and Aditya Choudhari
2nd Place – Nadia Yanasak and Maya Shoffeitt
4th Place – Susanne Deeb and Ivo Bakovic
Experimental Design – coached by Mrs. Stathos
1st Place – Maryam Unal, Jennifer Near and Sophie Richardson
2nd Place – Simon Wang, Sule Anik, and Mira Mutnick
4th Place – Matthew Stafford, Akash Bhatt, and Nadine Haddad
Helicopters – coached by Mrs. Walsh
1st Place – Faith Lucas and Nadir Lewis
2nd Place – Susanne Deeb and Jennifer Near
Heredity – coached by Ms. Doraiswami
1st Place – Araneesh Pratap and Karuna Kumar
4th Place – Sruthi Chatrathi and Aditi Tekkam
Meteorology – coached by Mr. Ambardekar
1st Place – Neel Ambardekar and Sule Anik
2nd Place – Ananya Terala and Sruthi Chatrathi
Metric Mastery – coached by Ms. Fichter
3rd  Place – Vikram Ruppa-Kasani and Elaine Wen
Road Scholar – coached by Mrs. Stathos
1st Place – Neel Ambardekar and Mira Mutnick
2nd Place – Sophie Richardson and Sruthi Chatrathi
3rd Place – Sanjeev Uppaluri and Shivani Naraharishetty
Robo-Cross – coached by Mr. Kaya
1st Place – Yusuf Tas
4th Place – Hasan Unal
Rocks and Minerals – coached by Mrs. Walsh
1st Place – Brian Shoffeitt and Jean Moorman
3rd Place – Sanjeev Uppaluri and Nadia Yanasak
Rotor Egg Drop – coached by Mr. Seker
1st Place – Sule Anik and Elaine Wen
2nd Place – Maryam Unal and Aditi Tekkam
4th Place – Shreya Puvvula and Shivani Naraharishetty
Shock Value – coached by Mr. Wang
1st Place – Simon Wang and Brian Shoffeitt
2nd  Place – Julian Hamelberg and Yusuf Tas
Simple Machines – coached by Mr.& Mrs. Shoffeitt
1st Place – Jean Moorman and Brian Shoffeitt
2nd Place – Julian Hamelberg and Jennifer Near
Solar System – coached by Mrs. Walsh
1st Place – Aditya Choudhari and Araneesh Pratap
2nd Place –Julian Hamelberg and Yusuf Tas
Sounds of Music – coached by Mr. Yanasak
1st Place – Katherine Li and Ananya Terala
2nd Place – Mira Mutnick and Faith Lucas
Water Quality – coached by Mrs. Butler
1st Place – Vikram Ruppa-Kasani and Elaine Wen
2nd Place – Susanne Deeb and Jennifer Near
4th Place – Matthew Stafford and Akash Bhatt
Wheeled Vehicle – coached by Mr. Seker
1st Place – Sarah Lucas and Soleil Moffitt
3rd Place – Akash Bhatt and Andre Hamelberg
Write It, Do It – coached by Mrs. Stathos
1st Place – Karuna Kumar and Mira Mutnick
4th Place – Katherine Li and Sophie Richardson

One thought on “Fulton Science Academy Private School Wins Big in Science Olympiad Tourney

  1. Congratulations guys! Way to continue a long standing tradition! Don't get too hard headed before state- you need to go to nationals at least once in your lives. Study hard and good luck!


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