Turkish Olympiad Team Won Best Three Placements

On Saturday, April 26, 2014, FSA Turkish class students competed in 2014 Southeast Turkish Olympiad Competition In Jacksonville, Florida. Once again, our students have done a great job.  Among many other very competitive schools, our Turkish Olympiad Team students won best three placement individually in the category of speaking.

1st Place – > Akash Bhatt
2nd Place – > Sruthi Chatrathi
3rd Place – > Nadia Yanasak


This past Friday night FSAPS Anime Club had a Lock-In as an opportunity for students to collaborate with others who are fans of the Anime art form and interested in both traditional and pop Japanese culture.  The Lock-In began at 4:30 pm with attendees perusing a menu to order Hibachi dinners and contribute thoughts on our sushi selections.  Students then enjoyed a hands-on lesson sushi lesson, began their Japanese bookbinding journal project, and enjoyed a delicious dinner.  We may have watched a little Anime as well J  The almost all night long event (students took a break in the wee hours of the morning to grab a quick nap) concluded with a breakfast of eggs, fruit, doughnut holes, and Ramen noodles (yes, Ramen).  Delicious breakfast but the catch is- you had to use chopsticks!
A big thank you to Mr. Tuzen, Mrs. Stathos, Stephanie Stathos, and Mrs. Unal for helping this event run so smoothly.  Also, thanks to Chef Schneider for the engaging sushi lesson.  We learned so much!


On Tuesday, February 25, 2014, FSA Private Middle School Math Team participated in 2014 Math League competition. We have just received the results and once again our Math Olympiad Team students have done a great job. 
Among 49 other very competitive schools, our Math Olympiad Team won following awards:
1st Place as a Team in 8th Grade Category
5th Place as a Team in 7th Grade Category
6th Place as a Team in 6th Grade Category
7th Grader, Mira Mutnick won 2nd Place among all 7th Graders in State
6th Grader, Charlie Furniss won 4th Place among all 6th Graders in State
8th Graders, Aditya Choudhari,Jean Moorman, and Araneesh Pratap shared 6th place in State
The Math League was formed in 1977 by award-winning math teachers Steven R. Conrad and Daniel Flegler, two math teachers from Long Island and New Jersey, respectively. Their mission is to build “student interest and confidence in mathematics through solving worthwhile problems.”
Congratulations to all participating FSA students, their parents and our Math teachers for these great results!


Members of the FSAPS Model United Nations team returned from their trip to New York City on Saturday.  Representing the African nation of Gabon, These students participated in the International Middle School Model UN Conference, where they competed with 2000 students from over 100 schools, many of which were from other countries.

Students arrived in the city early in order to take in the many sites and shopping opportunities.  Fortunately, the projected snow veered away and the wind and chill were kept at bay by the sheer excitement of exploring the city.

The conference was opened with a ceremony at the United Nations Headquarters before moving to several floors of the Grand Hyatt hotel next to Grand Central Station.  During the trip, students had many opportunities to ride the subway to visit far-flung places in the city, such as Central Park, Times Square (awe-inspiring at night), and the 9/11 Memorial at Ground Zero, among others.  For many, buying sacks of candy at the venerable FAO Schwarz and New York memorabilia was as exciting the competition itself.

The students had a great time participating in the conference, where they were split into various councils to discuss important issues facing the world today.  During this time, students made friends with their peers from schools the US and around the world to present positions and resolutions to these issues.

This conference produced our best showing in the international competition, where half of the team received awards.  Clair Merideth-Webb and Phillip Trainor received the gavel for being the best delegation in the United Nations Environmental Programme where they discussed the protection and conservation of the arctic.  Chloe Richardson and Katherine Li received honorable mention for their work in the World Health Organization “establishing a universal action plan for the zombie pandemic.”  Finally, Shreya Rekapalli received special recognition in her council, the United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women.  The other team members, Aditya Choudhari, Omar Kayali, Sid Marupudi, 
Vikram Ruppa-Kasani, and Josh White were all equally productive members of their respective councils.

We are extremely proud of the hard work our students put into preparing for the conference and for their performance.  These students were gracious, dignified, and represented FSAPS in the best possible light.  Most of all, each had a great experience and created memories that will last a lifetime.