This past Friday night FSAPS Anime Club had a Lock-In as an opportunity for students to collaborate with others who are fans of the Anime art form and interested in both traditional and pop Japanese culture.  The Lock-In began at 4:30 pm with attendees perusing a menu to order Hibachi dinners and contribute thoughts on our sushi selections.  Students then enjoyed a hands-on lesson sushi lesson, began their Japanese bookbinding journal project, and enjoyed a delicious dinner.  We may have watched a little Anime as well J  The almost all night long event (students took a break in the wee hours of the morning to grab a quick nap) concluded with a breakfast of eggs, fruit, doughnut holes, and Ramen noodles (yes, Ramen).  Delicious breakfast but the catch is- you had to use chopsticks!
A big thank you to Mr. Tuzen, Mrs. Stathos, Stephanie Stathos, and Mrs. Unal for helping this event run so smoothly.  Also, thanks to Chef Schneider for the engaging sushi lesson.  We learned so much!

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