Great Results in 2014 State Technology Fair

On Saturday, March 8, FSAPS Technology team students traveled to Macon, Georgia to compete at the State Technology Fair. At this year’s State Technology Fair 740+ first place winners from 17 different recognized regional technology fairs across the state competed at Macon State College in over 16 different categories. Our students have done a wonderful job and received following awards:

TEAM MEMBER 1 TEAM MEMBER 2 Category Placement
Firstname Lastname Firstname Lastname
Araneesh   Pratap  Game Design (7,8)  1st place
Sidhart   Marupudi  Mobile Apps Design (7,8)  1st place
Andre  Hamelberg  Maan  Saad   Robotics (5,6)  1st place
Jean   Moorman  Technology Literacy Challenge(7,8) 1st place
Gwyneth   Osullivan  Richardson  Chloe   Animated Graphic Design (7,8)  2nd place
Jean   Moorman  Jay Lee  Hyen   Case Modification (7,8)  2nd place
Maryam   Unal  Mutnick  Mira   Digital Photography (7,8)  2nd place
Joshua   White  Hardware (7,8)  2nd place
Shivan  Patel  Project Programming (5,6)  2nd place
Eemil  Harkonen  Pederson  Josepg   Robotics (7,8)  3rd place
Vikram   Ruppa-Kasani  Web 2.0 Internet Applications (7,8)  3rd place

Congratulations to these students, their parents and our coaches Mr. Kaya and Mr. Sanal for the great results. Way to go!

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