What a Year for Fulton Science Academy Math Team!

After winning first place as a team in five different math competitions this year, FSA Math Olympiad Team students competed in Cheetah Cup Math Competition at Creek View Elementary School on Saturday, April 26th and once again won 1st place as a team. This is 6th firs place trophy Math Olympiad student brought back to school this year.

Beside many individual achievements in math competitions this year, the Fulton Science Academy Private School Math Olympiad Team students have won the following first place awards as a team:

  • 1st Place in 2014 Cheetah Cup (6th Grade)
  • 1st Place in 2014 Math League (8th Grade)
  • 1st Place in 2014 Dunwoody High School Math Tournament
  • 1st Place in 2013 Luella High School Math Competition
  • 1st Place in 2013 War Eagle Math Competition (Accelerated Division)
  • 1st Place in 2013 Rockdale Math Competition. 

Additionally, in the individual category, two FSA 6th grade students Charlie Furniss and Christina Wang tied for first place and competed against each other in the tie breaker round. 

We are very proud of FSA Math Olympiad Students and their achievements this year. Congratulations to these students, their parents and our wonderful math teachers Mr. Seker and Mr. Tuzen for the great results.

From left to right: 6th Graders, Charlie Furniss, Andre Hamelberg, Prajwal Vedula, Christina Wang, and Sophie Richardson

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