Elementary Science Olympiad Lock-In was Fun

Students competing in the Elementary Science Olympiad competition on May 17th stayed overnight at school this past Friday to prepare! Our goal for the evening was to practice… practice…. practice to get ready for the state competition. Our evening started with some delicious snacks to get our brains working. After snacks, we jumped right into practicing for the big competition. Students rotated between study groups with their coaches, study buddy groups with their event partner, and study sessions in the computer lab. Science Olympiad coaches were SO impressed with how hard students were working and how dedicated they were to practicing for their events. Around 7:30, students took a break to enjoy pizza, ice cream, and some time outside to ‘cool down’ from their study sessions. After some fun time outside all together, students got comfortable in their pajamas and we continued with our study sessions until almost 10pm! After a half hour of getting out our energy in the gym… the girls enjoyed a movie in Ms.Przedpelski’s classroom before eventually falling asleep, and the boys enjoyed a movie in Ms. Fichter’s classroom before they fell asleep. On Saturday morning, Mrs. Stathos came bright and early with a delicious breakfast, and parents came to retrieve their Science Olympiad competitors! Overall, the students and coaches had a great time preparing for the competition and enjoying some team bonding time as a group. 

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