As an advocate of STEAM education, FSAPS offers private music lessons for students of the school. Instructors will have a Bachelor degree, or higher, in music with three or more years of teaching experience. This individualized instruction includes studies in: 
  • technique including scales, chords and arpeggios 
  • practice methods 
  • music theory and ear training 
  • wide variety of repertoire including the masterworks 
Lessons are offered in piano/keyboard, guitar, voice, and a broad selection of other string, woodwind or brass instruments. They will be scheduled before school, during recess or study period, and after school. 

Students are encouraged to enter local festivals and competitions. Inquiries should be addressed to the student’s private music teacher. 
Performances will be held at the end of each semester. Recognition of accomplishments will be made during this event. Families and guests are welcome to attend. 
30 Minute Lesson-$25 * 16 week semester = $400 
45 Minute Lesson-$37.50* 16 week semester = $600 
1 Hour Lesson-$50 * 16 week semester = $800 
Lessons may be scheduled more than one time per week. 
Class tuition is due in full by Registration Day (FSAPS Orientation Day) on Thursday, August 7th from 11 AM to 1 PM. On Registration Day, we will review policies & procedures. Students may sign up after registration day at a pre-determined prorated amount. The cost of books is not included. 

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