Fulton Science Academy Private School Pre-K Program

  • Academically focused Pre-K program in a nurturing environment
  • A rigorous early learning curriculum
  • Competitive admission criteria 
  • Small class size providing individual attention
  • Teachers dedicated to helping your child excel socially and academically
  • Weekly Art, Music, Computer, Robotics and Physical Education classes from Specialized and Certified Teachers in fully equipped classes
  • Enrichment activities such as field trips, guest speakers, and family events
  • Daily foreign language classes
  • Fully equipped playground and gym for recess
  • Extended school day between 8:00am to 3:30pm
  • Daily After School Clubs between 3:40 and 4:20pm
  • After School Care is available till 6:00pm
Pre-K Picture 1
Pre-Kindergarten Program Objectives 
The purpose of our Pre-K program istoprovide a safe, nurturing, highquality learning environment to families witchildrebetweethe ages of 4 and 5 years that are ready for something more than child care.   Our school has developed a quality Kindergarten preparatory program emphasizing math and science curriculum in a technology rich environment, while still allowing our youngest students to grow socially and emotionally in a nurturing and loving classroom community.
Optimal Learning Environment 
FSAPS provides our youngest scholars with the opportunity to grow, learn, and play in an environment conducive to fostering academic growth. These very special students will be challenged with mastering the earliest academic building blocks, while instilling self-confidence and a deep love of learning.
We are dedicated to provide our students with the small class size (no more than 18 students) necessary for effective small group and one-on-one learning. Students are invited into our spacious and colorful classroom by our two experienced Pre-K teachers whose top priority each day is to challenge their students to excel in all academic areas.  Our OWL curriculum (see more about this below) emphasizes advanced early literacy while providing ample opportunities for our teachers to expose students to increasingly complex math and science concepts.
Pre-K Picture 2
Meet our Experienced Team 
Ms. Ellie Kanov is our lead teacher and has 9 years of experience leading her Pre-K students into the world of reading and advanced mathematics.  Captivating her young learners with engaging and hands-on lessons make every new concept a unique learning experience.  Ms. Kanov’s dedication to incorporating technology, music, and a wide variety of literature in her class ensure her students are eager to attend school ready to learn each day!
Mrs. Jayne Unal is our full-time assistant teacher for Pre-K.  She returns to FSAPS for her second year to comprise the other half of this dynamic duo!  She is eager to help our youngest students become as excited about the world of mathematics as her upper elementary students have been in the past.
Enrichment Programs 
Our school offers a variety of enrichment classes and clubs for our Pre-Kindergarten students.  Students “travel” to a different enrichment class every day.  Leaving the classroom environment is a unique feature of our Pre-K program that allows students to immerse themselves in the world of art, computers, robotics, music, or physical education.  Our gymnasium, Computer and Robotics labs, and Art and Music classrooms are equipped with materials to engage and excite our youngest learners.  Each enrichment class faculty member is experienced and certified to educate our Pre-K students develop their age-appropriate skills in each specialized area. 
Fulton Science Academy ArtBarn2
In addition to these daily enrichment class excursions, students also receive foreign language instruction every day.  Students will be exposed to Spanish for one semester, and then the Turkish language for the other.  Daily foreign language instruction and equal exposure to these two languages will help students and parents make an informed decision on which language each child will choose to continue with for the remainder of their years here at FSAPS.  As the years continue, language immersion techniques will help your child achieve near fluency in the language of their choice.
When the school day ends, the learning does not!  FREE after school clubs for Pre-K students from 3:40 until 4:20 pm each day are specifically designed to complement our rigorous early learning curriculum.  Students may choose to attend any or all of 5 different clubs (“Hands-On Science”, “Nature Explorers”, “Adventures in Reading”, “Legos & Games”, and “Arts & Crafts”) each of which are taught by teachers who have at least two years of experience educating Pre-K students.
Pre-K - Picture 3
Comprehensive Pre-K Curriculum
The pre-K years are a time of promise, a time when young children’s bodies and minds are growing at an incredible rate. The pre-K years are a time for learning.  Amid the growing awareness of the importance of quality early childhood education, researchers and policymakers are underscoring how critical it is for children to be prepared for kindergarten.  With Opening the World of Learning ™ (OWL) as your Pre-K comprehensive curriculum, you can rest assured that your kiddos will be On The Way To K!
An Enriching Environment
Opening the World of Learning is a comprehensive pre-K curriculum, equitable in English and Spanish.  OWL prepares children for Kindergarten with ongoing assessment of research-based success predictors and playful, purposeful, and personalized instruction.  OWL is based upon the belief that immersion in a learning-rich, pre-K environment is critical but not sufficient. The environment and interactions must be thoughtful and purposeful. All parts of the day should be considered opportunities for learning, and the teacher should know the curriculum content, instructional strategies, and individual children well enough to be responsive in a variety of situations.  Through the use of essential questions, teachers help children connect content to their experiences, which takes them beyond rote learning and leads to thoughtful, reflective learning.
College and Career Readiness Starts in Pre-K
Contact us today to begin your child on the “Road to Success”
FSAPS personalizes curriculum to meet the needs of each student, so that they have the opportunity to meet their fullest potential.  A rigorous early learning curriculum, multiple enrichment programs, and a loving faculty dedicated to helping your child excel socially and academically comprise our proven formula for successful Kindergarten readiness.  Contact our Admissions Director today at admission@fultonscienceacademy.org to help your child succeed tomorrow!

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