2nd Annual FSAPS STEAM Camp

Last week fun and learning was taking place throughout FSAPS during our mid-summer STEAM Camp.  Enrolled campers in 3rd through 8th grade learned a ton, met friends new and old, and enjoyed a different and delicious lunch every day.  Read on to hear all about what our campers studied and discovered last week!

6th-8th Grade
Middle school campers enjoyed an in-depth study of entomology using specimens and microscopes during Science.  They also performed an owl pellet dissection, demonstrated their mastery of metric measurements in a Guess-and-Test Game, and experimented with air pressure by building and releasing their own balloon helicopters. During Math, campers designed their dream house using proper perimeter and area calculations to measure out their floor plan on giant graph paper. One of the favorite activities was when campers tested their running speed in mps (meters per second) and graphed everyone’s data!
In Art, after learning about stained glass windows and their multiple uses as decorative glass through the centuries, campers applied the concepts of symmetry to make their own detailed “windows” reminiscent of the images we viewed.  Campers also extended their glass artistry knowledge by each creating a Glass Plaque Gem Project.  Campers used special glue, glass gems of various shapes and sizes, and copper wire to make a hanging translucent masterpiece!

In Robotics, students built NXT robots. One of their robots is used for Robot-sumo games on the last day of camp. Robot-sumo which two robots attempt to push each other out of a circle (in a similar fashion to the sport of sumo. The robots used in this competition are called sumobots. Additionally,  7 and 8 graders built remotely operated under water robot vehicles. Please see a video of this submarine on our YouTube channel: http://youtu.be/kvaihLb38pU

3rd-5th Grade
The 3rd through 5th grade campers dove deep into Science first thing each morning with hands-on experiments!  Campers explored the pH of various acids and bases using red cabbage water as an indicator, investigated the reaction created by yeast eating sugar (releasing carbon dioxide) and made homemade root beer soda, used alum powder to create eggshell geodes, and not only extracted DNA from a strawberry- but then created DNA code bracelets with UV Ray sun beads. Many campers favorite lesson was learning how to inflate an air bag in one breath using the Bernoulli Principle.  Out of all of the science take-homes, this giant bag was quite popular!
During Math, campers applied team working skills to explore geometrical concepts in a TRULY hands-on way.  They used ribbon to turn their entire group into a polygon!  Strategy ruled during Math sessions as students learned new math tricks, competed to show off their computational prowess using games, and raced to find the problem AND the solution during a school-wide math scavenger hunt!
One of the favorite projects in Art was “The Great Wave Off Kanagawa.” Campers created their own multi-media painting using Hokusai’s Japanese woodblock print as inspiration.  After learning a little about Japanese woodblock printmaking and discovering the story and color choices for this famous print, campers sketched their own “Great Wave” on chipboard.  Then, they used “Sculptamold” to create a 3-dimensional wave that campers painted using the colors inspired by Hokusai’s print. 

In Robotics, elementary  students built several robots using Erector Super Construction Set, NXT and EV3. Students programmed  their robots to do certain tasks. 
Our goal to create a high quality, educational, and engaging summer camp for the gifted student.  We hope our campers had as much fun as we did and come back to see us next year!

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