This week, Road to College & SAT club had a guest speaker, Juan Sepulveda. Juan graduated at the top of his class as valedictorian in May 2014 from FSA High School and received full scholarship from Princeton University. His main message to students was “get involved in your community” at your school and outside of your school. He answered questions of students about difficulty levels of AP classes at high school, what to expect in high school, importance of college essays in college admission, internships, clubs, major choices, work ethic required at high school and more. Juan talked about “What did he do to get in Princeton University with full scholarship?” in addition to Dos and Don’ts of high school education and insightsregarding college application.


Thank you everyone for your participation to our first family event of the year. It was wonderful to see many families and faculty members enjoying a great  picnic altogether. Once again the barbecue chicken was delicious :). A BIG THANK YOU to our Math teachers Mr. Tuzen and Mr. Seker. For those wondering, our math teachers has the secret formula for the chicken. 🙂 Please see some pictures from the picnic below: