Fulton Science Academy Home Visit

We are pleased to inform you that we will start this year’s home visit program during 2nd week of school year. Our goal is to finish home visits before the end of October this year.


The overall goal of the home visit program is to help strengthen relationships between parents and teachers. To be able to guide each student in the right direction, it is important to know as much as possible about our students. There are limits to what teachers can perceive about each student in the classroom and home visits have been shown to be an effective way to let children know how much teachers and parents care about our students. Through home visits, closer cooperation between home and school can be achieved. However, home visits are only the beginning. Fulton Science Academy embraces the idea of parents as partners and actively involves parents into education.


Experience and research from all over the United States shows that the interaction with the student’s family at their home is a very effective way to help student’s academic and behavioral progress.


Here are some benefits of home visits:

  • Strengthened parent/teacher relationships
  • Increase in overall student achievement
  • Increase in student attendance
  •  Deeper development in feelings of trust, mutual respect, empowerment, and accountability by parents, students, and staff


Here are some feedbacks from our parents:


“Early in the school year, a group of teachers took the time to come to our home to meet us and discuss the school program with us. That event brought us back to the time in which schooling was a true partnership between parent and teacher and reaffirmed in our minds that FSA truly cares about the development of our children”


“We even had two teachers visit us at our home.  They were a pleasure to meet and we could clearly see how much they enjoy teaching students.”


“Thank you very much for your visit and the chocolates yesterday. We enjoyed having you over very much.  I also want to thank you for turning math from the most complicated and somewhat scary subject into one of our most favorites.”


“We all enjoyed your visit last night to our home.  It was such a pleasure to informally get to know both of you.  My son thought it was really cool that two teachers came to his house.  He talked about it the whole way to school this morning in carpool. Personally, I admire the dedication you both have for your jobs.  It makes a big difference in a student’s attitude toward school. Your visit left no doubt in my mind that FSA was the right decision for my son.”


“I just wanted to write on behalf of my husband and I and thank you for visiting our child. He loved having you both come and visit. We appreciate the level of caring and attention that you have consistently shown our family. It is rare to see such a dedication from teachers for their jobs. We can tell that you love teaching and you care for our children. Thank you for visiting our child when he was not feeling well.”


How can you schedule a home visit?


Very simple. Please send an e-mail to our home visit coordinator, Mrs. Unal at junal@fultonscienceacademy.org and give us three available dates for your child’s home visit program. We will get back to you and confirm a date. Depending on our teacher’s availability, at least two teachers will be together to visit our students and parents at their homes. For any questions you have about this program, send an e-mail to junal@fultonscienceacademy.org.


The best times to schedule a home visit are weekdays after 5:00 pm, and anytime during the weekends except Sunday mornings.



Solar Astronomy

(Weather permitting)

Stephen W. Ramsden, Director of the nonprofit The Charlie Bates Solar Astronomy Project will be bringing his nationally renowned solar astronomy outreach program to our campus on November 20th (weather permitting) for viewing and imaging of the Sun in all its life giving ferocity.

Students will be able to use his collection of the finest, observatory quality solar telescopes on Earth to witness firsthand many solar features including solar flares, sunspots, prominences, filaments and magnetically active regions.

Fulton Science Academy Solar Observation 4
Fulton Science Academy


Social Studies

Fulton Science Academy has been very successful at all levels of the Social Studies Fair, with students taking first place in the state competition three times.  Our goal is to once again send students with the best projects to compete at the local, regional, and, with hard work, state level. We hope to continue our run of success as we embark on a new year and explore new topics.


All middle school students are required to participate and will receive information from their social studies teachers about the fair this week. Students should begin thinking about their topics in order to receive approval and having the contract signed.


This year we are excited to be able to extend the project due date a bit so that it does not coincide quite as much as the Science Far.  There will be checkpoints this semester, but the final paper and visuals will be due at the beginning of next semester rather than before the holiday break.  It is our hope that this removes some of the burden and allows students to achieve their full potential on both projects.


A complete social studies fair packet can be found under your child’s social studies class section on FSA Connect.


Please email your child’s social studies teacher for more information about this or any other questions.


Important due dates to note:

9/16/14 – topics due

9/23/14 – contract due

10/14/14 – sources found

12/09/14 – research evidence

1/06/15  – paper due

1/09/15  – visual design

1/13/15  – visual due

1/20/15 – school fair


This year your child will be required to complete a major, independent science research project.  The project will be completed at home for middle school students with specific criteria and deadlines provided by the science teacher.  It is critical that your child receives help and guidance from you.  The research paper, display and log book for the project are due on December 1st, 2013.  Students will present their projects in their classrooms the week of December 1-5.

The project will then be evaluated by the science teacher and the top projects from each science class will enter the Fulton Science Academy Science Fair held on December 9.

Students received a Science Fair Packet including rubrics, checklists, expectations, and deadlines to assist with project completion.  This packet is also on FSA Connect.  The first step in the process, which many find difficult, is choosing a topic.  Please help your child with this first requirement by directing them to think about what interests them.

PreK -K:  Students will just complete a poster board in school with the help of their teachers.

1st-5th grade:  Students will complete  a display display board/poster partially at home and partially in school. Your teacher will give you more details about the Science fair.


Fulton Science Academy


Presented by the Health IT Leadership Summit in Conjunction with: TAG Education Collaborative,

Georgia Department of Public Health and Georgia Department of Education



TAG Education Collaborative is excited to announce the 2014 Health IT Student Innovation Award Competition is open to all Georgia Middle School Students!

 Mobile app technology is increasingly influencing our lives to connect us with more real-time, relevant information than ever before. Through a special partnership between the Technology Association of Georgia Education Collaborative Inc. (TAG-Ed), the Georgia Department of Education, Verizon Wireless, and the Georgia Department of Public Health (DPH), we offer a contest that strategically utilizes technology to combat a major health issue in Georgia.  


For the first time this innovative technology design competition is open to all Georgia students

Eligibility: This is a team event for middle and high school students. Teams must consist of 2-4 students. Students must have a school or program approved adult advisor to enter the competition.


Purpose: To encourage Georgia high school and middle school students to work asa team to design an innovative mobile application or mobile optimized website thatpromotes a specific theme related to encourage lifelong wellness. The 2014 theme for the Health IT Student Innovation Award is Youth Tobacco Use Prevention and Cessation.


Project description: Students should evaluate the current trends in the use of mobileapplications and study how these trends will impact our healthcare delivery system. Healthrelated areas to be addressed in the application may include tobacco usage trends, risks, prevention, and cessation programs.


High School Requirements:

  • Aworking mobile application
  • Instructional materials for users
  • Adetailed description of your development process
  • Research bibliography


Middle School Requirements:

  • Aworking mobile optimized website
  • Research bibliography
  • Promotional flyerand written component


Entries are due by 12 p.m. on October 3, 2014. Please submit projects to:

Middle school entries: kdion@tagonline.org


  • Finalist teams will present their application at the Health ITLeadership Summit onNovember 20, 2014 at the Renaissance Atlanta Waverly Hotel.
  • Cash prizes will be awarded to the schools of the finalist teams.
  • Agrand prize winner will receive an additional cash award for their school.


For full rules and procedures, please visit

To register a team, visit http://healthitchallenge2014.eventbrite.com/


For more information, please contact Mr. Sanal at isanal@fultonscienceacademy.org




Students in Science Olympiad Building Events built their first bottle rocket and launched it. In bottle rocket category ,  participants design, construct and launch up to two rockets made from two empty plastic carbonated drink bottles, which hold 2 liter or less, to remain aloft for the maximum period of time possible. In the competition, the team may shoot two rockets off, each one only once. If a team only has one rocket, it must still only be shot off only once. The team may add any amount of water to the bottle. It is then set on the launcher and shot off at 60 psi. The time is recorded for each rocket to the nearest hundredth, and the two times are added up to create the team’s final score.

Fulton Science Academy
Fulton Science Academy


6th grade Earth Science class hosted President of Georgia Mineral Society, Mr. William (Bill) Waggener on September 3rd, 2014. Mr. Waggener talked about rocks and minerals and many other concepts in relation to earth science.
Mr. Waggener has a big collection of materials that he shared with our students. It was a very informative and interactive talk.  Students had a great time. Please see some pictures here:
Fulton Science Academy Rock Guy 1Fulton Science Academy Rock Guy 2 (1)


On September 5th, Friday we held our first Turkish Class Mothers’ Coffee Night.  The mothers of middle grades students who take Turkish language classes at FSAPS were invited to this lovely program. Mothers enjoyed a great time with each other playing games, joining competitions, dancing, and tasting food. The next Mother’s Night is scheduled on October 19.
Principal Sener’s note: I cannot believe mothers even played musical chairs during this event 🙂 My feelings are very similar to the face of Kemal in this below picture. Just kidding 🙂 We need an activity for fathers as well. Maybe a sport tournament. We will find out!
Turkish Class Mothers Night 5 Fulton Science Academy Mothers Night 3Fulton Science Academy Mothers Night 4 Fulton Science Academy Mothers Night