Social Studies

Fulton Science Academy has been very successful at all levels of the Social Studies Fair, with students taking first place in the state competition three times.  Our goal is to once again send students with the best projects to compete at the local, regional, and, with hard work, state level. We hope to continue our run of success as we embark on a new year and explore new topics.


All middle school students are required to participate and will receive information from their social studies teachers about the fair this week. Students should begin thinking about their topics in order to receive approval and having the contract signed.


This year we are excited to be able to extend the project due date a bit so that it does not coincide quite as much as the Science Far.  There will be checkpoints this semester, but the final paper and visuals will be due at the beginning of next semester rather than before the holiday break.  It is our hope that this removes some of the burden and allows students to achieve their full potential on both projects.


A complete social studies fair packet can be found under your child’s social studies class section on FSA Connect.


Please email your child’s social studies teacher for more information about this or any other questions.


Important due dates to note:

9/16/14 – topics due

9/23/14 – contract due

10/14/14 – sources found

12/09/14 – research evidence

1/06/15  – paper due

1/09/15  – visual design

1/13/15  – visual due

1/20/15 – school fair

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