This year your child will be required to complete a major, independent science research project.  The project will be completed at home for middle school students with specific criteria and deadlines provided by the science teacher.  It is critical that your child receives help and guidance from you.  The research paper, display and log book for the project are due on December 1st, 2013.  Students will present their projects in their classrooms the week of December 1-5.

The project will then be evaluated by the science teacher and the top projects from each science class will enter the Fulton Science Academy Science Fair held on December 9.

Students received a Science Fair Packet including rubrics, checklists, expectations, and deadlines to assist with project completion.  This packet is also on FSA Connect.  The first step in the process, which many find difficult, is choosing a topic.  Please help your child with this first requirement by directing them to think about what interests them.

PreK -K:  Students will just complete a poster board in school with the help of their teachers.

1st-5th grade:  Students will complete  a display display board/poster partially at home and partially in school. Your teacher will give you more details about the Science fair.

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