When Dr. James Naismith first hung peach baskets in his Springfield, Massachusetts gym on a cold and rainy New England day, he wouldn’t imagine the worldwide acclaim and impact his game — now a billion dollar international sport — would achieve.  Novel ideas such as Naismith’s may someday be born from the fertile imaginations of the FSAPS students that continue to pursue the sport in the Basketball Club.
Students in this club will practice their basketball skills by playing organized games against fellow students while also honing their physical fitness, teamwork, and sportsmanship while building camaraderie among their peers.  The club is open to all students looking for a fun, invigorating way to workout their body after a long day of expanding their minds.
Meeting each Wednesday afternoon in the gym, middle school students are invited to join Mr. Kurt and the other middle school players to participate in the fun, fast-paced game of basketball!
Fulton Science Academy Basketball


Did you know fish can have feelings? Fish can be happy, sad, or afraid of the dark, just like you and me. The fish I speak of are fictional, of course. It’s funny because only in the literary world could a child and a fish possibly have something in common. Last week during Adventures in Reading with Mrs. Houston, first and second grade students listened to the story, “The Pout – Pout Fish in the Big- Big Dark” written by Deborah Diesen and illustrated by Dan Hanna. Students discussed how they could relate to Mr. Fish with one another and then created their own Pout-Pout fish. They wrote about times when they pout, but also times that they smile. The students’ most favorite reason to pout: not getting to do something at home! We had such a great adventure in reading!

Fulton Science Academy Adventures in Reading


giant thank you to all of those who have been volunteering their time to put together the new Elementary Reading Room for our students. Elementary students are having the best time visiting the Reading Room every week as a class, browsing through the different shelves full of books, and choosing a book to read or take home with them. The Elementary teachers and students want you to know that they LOVE their new Reading Room and they appreciate your hard work!

Fulton Science Academy Elementary Library
Fulton Science Academy