Fulton Science Academy Private School held its 3rd Annual School-Wide Chess Tournament this past Friday, September 19th, 2014. We had over 30 participants from elementary and middle school level. It was the most competitive Chess Tournament that FSA ever had. Final four in each division took about two hours. Please see the results here:



1st Place – Charlie Furniss

2nd Place – Vishaal Ram

3rd Place – Arul Selvakumar & Tyler Hecht

Fulton Science Academy Chess
Fulton Science Academy


1st Place –  Pranav Devalapalli

2nd Place –  Niyomi Shah

3rd Place –  Bhavin Shah

Fulton Science Academy
Fulton Science Academy


The winners in elementary and middle grade levels were awarded with the following:

1st Place – $50 Barnes & Noble Gift Card

2nd Place – $40 Barnes & Noble Gift Card

3rd Place – $30 Barnes $ Noble Gift Card


This week in Kindergarten, the students were able to create a plan, a design, and test their design during one of our Science activities. They have been learning about why scientists create plans in order to solve a problem that may arise. The students in Ms. P’s class were so excited to become scientists for the afternoon in order to test their designs and determine if their ideas would work! All of our classmates worked very hard on creating something very interesting for their classmates to observe, and enjoyed having the opportunity to test their own ideas. Kindergarten at FSAPS loves Science Class!!

This week Mrs. Whitlock’s first grade class is wrapping up studying the design process. We’ve been learning how inventors and engineers use the design process to solve problems through designing multiple prototypes until they find a solution. We have designed spinning tops and aluminum foil boats to practice designing and redesigning our prototypes. Our class has loved practicing strategies real scientists use!

Fulton Science Academy Scientists 3 Fulton Science Academy Scientists[1] Fulton Science Academy Scientists 2

Fulton Science Academy
Fulton Science Academy


This past week the students in Mr. Seker’s math class were asked to make a table of solutions for various linear equations, that correlate with different airlines and then graph each on a coordinate plane. Students then graphedseparate points and analyzed the results for which linear equation came the closest to the point. The students thensummarized their results and wrote a letter to a travel agent explaining the reasons they wish to choose one airline instead of another to get to their destination.


Students in Accelerated 8th grade math used mathematical equations to plan the most efficient way to travel tovisit a new amusement park in a different state.  There are many airlines which travel to the area; however, none of them goes directly to the town. Each airline uses a different algebraic equation to set up its flight plan. They need to choose two airlines and use the corresponding equation to determine which airline would come the closest to the amusement park. After they land, they will need to rent a car to drive the remainder of the distance. Since they do not want to drive too far, they needed to find which airline they should use.



Students begin to learn about the importance of endurance and how to pace themselves while they run.  Running club begins with a short interval run.  An example run would start off with a 2 minute jog, followed by a 1 minute walk, continuing with another 2 minute jog, finishing with a 1 minute walk.   After the run in completed students participate in fun running games.  This year we have played a number of exciting games such as sharks and minnows, freeze tag, soccer, and ultimate Frisbee.



Fulton Science Academy
Fulton Science Academy

Dear FSAPS Families,

For those of you who may not know me, my name is Ms. Przedpelski. This year, Ms. Minor and I are working together as the head coaches for Elementary Science Olympiad. We are looking forward to a great year with the students who have been chosen to be a part of our Academic Team. However, we are still in need of coaches for some of our events this year. Please take a moment to read through the events that need a coach, and let us know if you would be interested in volunteering your time one afternoon a week to coach for Elementary Science Olympiad.
Monday Afternoon Events still needing a coach:
Deep Blue Sea – This event tests students’ knowledge about oceanography.
Rock Hound – Students will prepare charts, identify various rocks and minerals, and describe their characteristics.
Straw Tower – This is a competition in which each team (2 people) is attempting to build the strongest straw tower. Each team will construct a tower using only 50 drinking straws and 20 straight pins.
Thursday Afternoon Events still needing a coach: 
Save our Earth-  Students are to identify the major causes of harm to our earth and explain ways to prevent this.
Don’t Bug Me – The contestants are to distinguish insects from non-insects, identify various body parts, characteristics, habitats, ecological significance, life cycles, and major classes and orders of arthropods.
Grasp A Graph – The objective is to develop the skills of collecting and organizing information using pictographs, bar, line, and pie graphs to solve problems.
Which Way’s North? – Teams of up to two students will attempt to navigate themselves around a state road map. 
If you have any questions, or if any of these events look like something you would be interested in coaching – please let me know