This past week the students in Mr. Seker’s math class were asked to make a table of solutions for various linear equations, that correlate with different airlines and then graph each on a coordinate plane. Students then graphedseparate points and analyzed the results for which linear equation came the closest to the point. The students thensummarized their results and wrote a letter to a travel agent explaining the reasons they wish to choose one airline instead of another to get to their destination.


Students in Accelerated 8th grade math used mathematical equations to plan the most efficient way to travel tovisit a new amusement park in a different state.  There are many airlines which travel to the area; however, none of them goes directly to the town. Each airline uses a different algebraic equation to set up its flight plan. They need to choose two airlines and use the corresponding equation to determine which airline would come the closest to the amusement park. After they land, they will need to rent a car to drive the remainder of the distance. Since they do not want to drive too far, they needed to find which airline they should use.


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