This week in Kindergarten, the students were able to create a plan, a design, and test their design during one of our Science activities. They have been learning about why scientists create plans in order to solve a problem that may arise. The students in Ms. P’s class were so excited to become scientists for the afternoon in order to test their designs and determine if their ideas would work! All of our classmates worked very hard on creating something very interesting for their classmates to observe, and enjoyed having the opportunity to test their own ideas. Kindergarten at FSAPS loves Science Class!!

This week Mrs. Whitlock’s first grade class is wrapping up studying the design process. We’ve been learning how inventors and engineers use the design process to solve problems through designing multiple prototypes until they find a solution. We have designed spinning tops and aluminum foil boats to practice designing and redesigning our prototypes. Our class has loved practicing strategies real scientists use!

Fulton Science Academy Scientists 3 Fulton Science Academy Scientists[1] Fulton Science Academy Scientists 2

Fulton Science Academy
Fulton Science Academy

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