Our middle school students had the opportunity to step back in to history, 1828. We visited the gold mines in Dahlonega, Georgia. Twenty years before the 1849 Gold Rush, gold was discovered there. The students were able to see where it all happened, deep underground. Students also had the opportunity to pan for gold and some gems for themselves. We all walked away a little richer.

Fulton science academy gold mines4 Fulton science academy gold mines3 Fulton science academy gold mines2 Fulton science academy gold mines


The third, fourth, and fifth grade classes had a superb time visiting the Chattahoochee Nature Center for their first field trip of the 2014-2015 school year! Each of the classes was taken on their own guided tour by a Naturalist who helped them stock up on interactive science facts pertinent to their different grade levels. Students saw various bird species, including owls, hawks, falcons, and even an eagle! They also saw frogs, turtles, and a beaver’s dam! Each class also had a close encounter with one of the center’s animal residents! The students all enjoyed a group lunch on the pavilion near the lake, and they concluded their visit with an exploration of the Discovery Center.

fulton science academy chattahoochee nature center field trip3 fulton science academy chattahoochee nature center field trip2 fulton  science academy chattahoochee nature center field trip



As part of our College Mentorship Program Speaker Series, FSAPS students enjoyed two wonderful speakers during this time.

Mr. Paul Sims (7th grade parent) presented to the students about entrepreneurship and Mr. Derrick Davis (3rd grade parent) presented to the students about mobile technologies .

We thank Mr. Sims and Mr. Davis very much for their time and the wonderful speech they gave. Please see some pictures below.

fulton science academy mentorship program visitors4 fulton science academy mentorship program visitors3 fulton science academy mentorship program visitors2 fulton science academy mentorship program visitors



Congratulations to all students selected to Student Council this year. The members of Student Council held their second meeting today and voted for Student Council Officers. Based on today’s election the following students are elected as Student Council Officers this year:


President – Mira Mutnick (8th Grade)

Vice President – Ananya Terala (8th Grade)

Treasurer – Anthony Miramontes (6th Grade)

Secretary – Chloe Richardson (8th Grade)


Congratulations to the newly elected Student Council Officers! We wish them success serving FSAPS student body this year.

fulton science academy students council fulton science academy students council2


Students in Mrs. Duzyol’s Algebra Honors class enjoyed solving system of equations in a VERY new and FUN way- by scanning QR codes with their smart phones and then solving each one. Each correctly answered QR coded question’s answer would lead you to the mystery location of the next QR code. Mrs. Duzyol’s students enthusiastically solved equations to be able to find and solve another one! Tell me that doesn’t sound like a math teachers dream J All the students are already looking forward to their next QR Code Scavenger Hunt experience.

fulton science academy qr code equation scavenger hunt3 fulton science academy qr code equation scavenger hunt2 fulton science academy qr code equation scavenger hunt


A big shout-out to two of our 5th Grade students, Spiros and Anastasia Kefalas. FSAPS wants to say Congratulations on their awesome dance performance at the 2014 Cumming Greek Festival this past weekend. Ms. Minor, Ms. P, Mrs. Peacock, Mr. Kurt, Mr. Kaya, and Principal Sener had an awesome time sitting in the audience, experiencing Greek traditions, enjoying delicious Greek food, and watching Spiros and Anastasia’s dance group do authentic Greek dancing. Both of these students truly shined throughout their performance! FSA is so proud of them! Please see a picture of Ms. P and Ms. Minor with Anastasia and Spiros below.

fultons science academy greek festival3 fultons science academy greek festival2 fultons science academy greek festival