Future City Team had a wonderful camp last weekend. Students enjoyed the great study environment and worked on the virtual cities that they created for the competition.Students created their virtual cities using SimCity software. Final version of their Future City project is to reflect progress 150 years into the future and should have a population of 60,000 people at least.The software game is a wonderful opportunity for students to see how a city is run and all the things involved in development of a city.

Students also worked on their essay that is addressing this year’s theme of “Feeding Future Cities.” According to the this year’s theme students are to choose one vegetable and one protein and design a way to grow enough of each within their future city limits to feed their citizens. After searching through websites students learned a lot about nutrition values of various vegetables,many farming techniques,problems humankind facing as the world population is growing and solutions for them.

Fulton Science Academy Future City Fulton Science Academy Future City3

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